The ESP LTD EC-1000 vs ESP Eclipse E-II Guitar Review. (Update Aug 2022)


Introduction to the ESP Ltd EC-1000 Guitar

Over the years, a good number of guitar experts and enthusiasts alike, have come to love the ESP LTD company and its range of top-class products.

If you want to know what a good electric guitar looks like, then you should probably start thinking of handling at least a few models of the ESP LTD popular brand.

Guitar NameBest Feature
The ESP LTD EC 1000A fleek mahogany wood body
The ESP Deluxe LTD EC 1000Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body, Maple Top, Mahogany Neck.
ESP LTD EC-1000TBest for metal songs
ESP LTD EC 1000 Seymour Duncan GuitarThis Gear Orphanage exclusive ESP LTD electric guitar features a volcano red finish, locking tuners, and Seymour Duncan pickups
ESP LTD EC 10000FM EverTuneThe unique feature on this guitar is its ability to maintain your set tune, such that you don’t have to tune set it every time you need to use it.
ESP LTD EC 1000 PiezoThis version of the EC 1000 is called the piezo because it features an additional piezo pickup, asides the other EMG pickups.
ESP LTD EC 1000 Floyd Rose VersionThe strong point of this guitar version is its Floyd rose tromolo system
ESP LTD Deluxe EC 1000MWhat distinguishes this version from the standard EC 1000, is its maple wood fretboard- instead of ebony


Now, although the majority of the company’s stringed instruments are top products on the market, the ESP LTD’s deluxe EC-1000 guitar seems to be one of the most cherished at this time.

People love the feature qualities of this guitar, as well as the fact that it sells for an impressive price- considering its possible category and grade.

According to analysts and existing user reviews, the ESP LTD EC-1000 guitar has been made to display several features that are similar to other supposed high spec pricier models- from the same manufacturer.

This makes the deluxe ESP LTD EC 1000 model a good option for the everyday guitarist, who desires that relatively inexpensive guitar- with an excellent output all the same.

With this model, you don’t even need up to a thousand dollars, before you can get that high-performance guitar that you have always dreamed of having.

From its aesthetic presentation to the playability, function specifications, and sound, we’ll be exposing you to the qualities that make the ESP LTD EC-1000 truly remarkable. Hence, this review is aimed at showing readers all of the most important things that they need to know, about this best value guitar.

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#1 The ESP LTD EC-1000 Specifications




Below, is a list of all the features of the ESP LTD EC-1000 guitar. Note that all of these features are the same as what is contained in the ESP LTD company website.

However, there are several variants for the product, hence you might find some little modifications here and there:

  • A fleek mahogany wood body
  • Mahogany set neck with dimension placed at 24.75 inches
  • Fretboard made of fine ebony wood
  • Abalone flags with the ESP LTD EC-1000 model name appearing on the 12th fret
  • U-shaped thin neck contour
  • Seymour Duncan winter pickups (authentic EMG 81/60)
  • ESP LTD native locking tuners
  • Twenty four Jumbo frets
  • Standard nuts with width measuring 42mm
  • Vintage black body components, finishing, and the hardware
  • TonePros bridge
  • A separate guitar casing


#2 Essential Comparison: The ESP Deluxe LTD EC-1000 versus The ESP Eclipse E-II



If you look at the majority of the ESP guitars on the market, you’ll see that they all seem to have the same (or very much) similar basic design.

For instance, let’s consider the ESP Deluxe LTD EC-1000 and the ESP eclipse E-II, which are two models with some reasonable levels of similarities.

Note however that while the Deluxe LTD EC-1000 is the budget-friendly low priced model, the ESP eclipse E-II is a standard premium model from the same company.

Now, based on the manufacturer’s slated prices and an average market survey, the ESP eclipse E-II sells for nothing less than $1000 above the ESP LTD EC-1000.



Interestingly, however, both electric guitars perform quite similarly, and with similar features and physical dimensions.

For instance, you’ll see that they both come with body and fretboards made of mahogany and ebony respectively, while they also have neck and bridge pickups of EMG 60/ EMG 81.

There are other similarities when you closely compare these two products, and all of these may just be a signal to the high-value traits of the ESP LTD EC-1000- and why it may be the model to spend your money on.

After all, most people don’t see the point in buying a pricier model, when a less costly model offers almost the same function.

Some other factors further explain why the ESP LTD EC-1000 is a top model- fit enough to compare with premiums like the ESP eclipse E-II guitar. You may as well make these factors part of what informs your buying decisions, of an ESP-company, made guitar.

Manufacture Location



Although the ESP electric guitar company is headquartered in Japan, they have manufacture and assembly factories spread across a few locations around the world.

Notwithstanding, the company has most of its custom shops located in Japan, which means a significant amount of its best products are manufactured there.

This is in fact where the ESP eclipse E-II is produced, hence you can imagine how good the outputs would be.

However, the ESP LTD EC-1000 is made in South Korea and has all the accompanying quality traits associated with Korean-made guitars.

Note that electric guitars made in Korea, are widely acknowledged to be the best you can find in the budget-friendly categories.

For instance, they are even a better option, to guitars made in such countries as China and Indonesia- where guitars are massively produced.

Although Japan and American made guitars are still the best for the high-end categories, Korean made products do not lack some real significance too.

Electric Guitar Mahogany Body Feature

When comparing the body features for the two guitars, it is not incorrect to say that the eclipse E-II model has hardware with relatively higher quality than that of the EC-1000.

However, both guitars are largely identical, and you may not so much notice the differences from the start. Don’t be surprised to hear that the LTD EC-1000’s hardware is just good enough to do all that you can require from a guitar.

Electric Guitar Sound Output

When you strum both of the ESP LTD EC-1000 and the ESP eclipse E-II at different times, likely, you’re not going to be able to tell a difference between their sound output.

This is probably not surprising because both guitars have similar specifications- like the neck and body active pickups as well as the body designs. This, however, is a plus for the EC-1000, since its sound can be matched with that produced by a premium model.

Note that the LTD guitar’s sound clarity and high pitch outputs are possible courtesy its EMG pickup components. These effects produced by these pickups make them the choice for the metal music strummer. Instead of the EMG pickup provisions, you may also adopt the Seymour Duncan pickups- which allows for more versatility.

Construction of the Guitar



This is probably that part where there’s a little more contrast between both models. Based on our observation, the manufacturer seems to have paid more attention to making the ESP eclipse come with more detailed and flawless finishing.

The effect of this on the guitar is its perfect smoother fretboard end, which allows you easily glide through when strumming.

Well, the ESP LTD EC-1000 cannot boast of this type of finishing, as you may come across a few rough edges as you shred on the guitar neck.

This does not, however, mean that its finishing is so bad, as you could still use the fret ends with a significant level of convenience. Even with this condition, the ESP LTD EC-1000 guitar does not feel less of a professional guitar, since the fretboard is remarkably strong- which is what matters more.




As much as we know, the pricing is about the biggest difference between the two models. The price differences are significantly huge, and hence could be a major determinant of a person’s buying choices.

If you’re going for the EC-1000, you may not have to spend more than $850 for the new product.

This is however not enough for purchasing the ESP eclipse, which may sell for prices between $1,700 to $2,000.

This means that you could conveniently buy two of the ESP LTD EC-1000, with the money required to buy just one of the ESP eclipse.

Now, it is understandable if this seems puzzling for you, especially because both guitars present almost the same quality and outputs.

However, one explanation for this is the fact that American and Japanese made guitars usually price higher- due to several factors like labour costs during the manufacturing process.

From a logical analysis, however, the ESP LTD EC-1000 has up to 90 per cent performance ability of the ESP eclipse.

This means that when you buy the ESP eclipse E-II instead of the ESP LTD EC-1000, you’re paying two times more- just to get an extra ten per cent value that the EC-1000 cannot provide. For some people, this is too much, and the extra expense is not worth it.

If you’ll like to use sound and feel factors as a determinant to see whether the extra costs are needed, then you may watch this YouTube video to see a practical demonstration.

Design of the Guitar

If you’re familiar with the Gibson Les Paul models, then the ESP LTD EC-1000 should bring back some of the memories.

The EC-1000 comes with a neat resemblance single cut vintage black body, headstock, and the neck.

However, one difference between this model and the regular Les Paul is that the EC-1000 has a design that suits metal players more- which is not particularly so with the Les Paul.

Other obvious differences are the LTD EC’s slimmer body and neck, as well as its 24 fret feature.

It also comes with conspicuous inlays, which doesn’t look the least necessary- and could make the product seem a little less unprofessional.

On the overall, each of the EC-1000 guitar finishes has their aesthetic appeal, and you cannot but be proud of the product.

The Build Quality of the Guitar

Firstly, this is about the best Korean made guitar that you can find in its price category. Considering its great specs, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that it is built to serve both intermediate and professional users.

The white binding on the fretboard prevents hindrances that may come up as a result of possible rough edges on the fretboard.

Also, the guitar’s tuning and set thru neck build allows for easier use of the guitar.

Although the build has little imperfections here and there- especially at the points where the guitar neck joins with the body, this doesn’t have a limiting effect on how much you can use the guitar.

Since the top qualities beat the imperfections on the model, it is still a good option to buy.

The Guitar Electronics

The ESP Deluxe LTD EC-1000, comes with original non-generic EMG 60 and EMG 81 pickups, for the bridge and neck respectively.

These active pickups are good enough for a budget guitar like this, as they perform much better than the generic low capacity pickups that you see in many affordable guitars of this category.

For instance, the authentic electronics on the EC-1000 guitar makes it a more valid choice than some other brands like Epiphone, and Sterling by Music Man- that utilizes pickup clones.

Usually, the generic pickups are less expensive and manufacturers use them in a bid to cut costs. However, their outputs are ultimately not at the best levels that you can get.

Now, don’t forget that the EC-1000 uses the same pickups with the premium eclipse E-II model. This is one important fact, that makes the LTD guitar truly important.

The ESP company provides another pickup option for the LTD guitar users- who do not so much fancy the active pickups.

The Seymour Duncan JB/J5 non-active pickups, are another pickup type that you would most definitely enjoy on your EC-1000.

Playability of the Guitar

The ESP LTD guitar’s design makes it significantly easy to play. It is relatively thinner- and can easily balance on between your laps. It has a lightweight, and a contour cut that enables the user to conveniently handle it.

Generally, most existing users had almost no issues with using the guitar, although the higher frets were a little more difficult to teach. This tendency is attributed to the guitar’s single cut, which is a disadvantage for individuals with smaller fingers.

Asides that, everything else on the guitar is just fine, and makes your strumming experience all exciting. The thin U-shaped neck is another feature that facilitates easy shredding on the board.

The Various Versions of the ESP Deluxe LTD EC-1000 Model

Considering the general market’s love for the ESP LTD EC-1000 guitar, the manufacturer has decided to provide a few variants of the model- each of which comes with one or more unique features.

These various versions allow intending users to choose from a wider range of options so that they can buy a product that is more customized to suit them more.

The following are the six versions of the ESP deluxe LTD EC-1000 model, that currently available in 2019:





This is the guitar for the person who’s used to the traditional Les Paul guitar styles, but who would like something a bit more modern.

What you get when you buy this guitar, is a 22 fret solid mahogany made product, with a set neck construction.

This means that the model has an entirely different neck construction and two frets less than what you’ll find in the regular LTD EC-1000.

However, you’ll still find the remarkable EMG pickups and the thin U-shaped neck intact- just as they come in the standard EC.

These two features are important signals to the fact that this specific EC- 1009T/CTM version, is still designed for metal songs.


ESP LTD EC-1000 Seymour Duncan Guitar



If you’re a fan of the EC-1000 model but don’t seem to fancy the active pickups, then this version might just be the right one for you.

The pickup combination to expect on this one is the popular and more versatile Seymour Duncan’s JB/59 combo.

Note that this guitar is great in every sense, although you don’t have so many choices of finishes to choose from- as you have for EMG pickups.


ESP LTD EC-10000 FM EverTune



The unique feature on this guitar is its ability to maintain your set tune, such that you don’t have to tune set it every time you need to use it.

This is possible, because the EC-1000 EverTune, keeps an unwavering pressure on the guitar strings, irrespective of the weather influences on it.

Hence, you wouldn’t need to worry about losing the guitar tunes, even if you keep the guitar in a place with more pronounced temperature and/or humidity fluctuations.

Before this can happen, however, you need to have set the guitar tune according to a pattern.

Once It’s tuned in this pattern, it is, in fact, possible that you wouldn’t need to tune the guitar for a very long time. Watch this video to see what this pattern really looks like, and how you too can go about it.



ESP LTD EC-1000 Piezo



This version of the EC-1000 is called the piezo because it features an additional piezo pickup, asides the other EMG pickups.

It is one of the versions suitable for people who need more versatility in the strumming experience. The benefit of the additional pickup is the emanating acoustic sounds that this guitar can produce.

The guitar is noted for its ability to help you hone your creativity on the guitar, and it has been the choice model for such guitarists as Ben Burnley, and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci.



ESP LTD EC-1000 Floyd Rose Version




The strong point of this guitar version is its Floyd rose tromolo system. Now although the system is usually a little more difficult to set, it produces one of the best tuning stability on the guitar- once you get it right.

Get down to exploring those whammy bar tricks on your strumming- with no fuss, as the EC Floyd Rose version was specifically designed to allow you to do that.

Before hitting the buy button, know that this is not the guitar that allows you to change the tuning, at random. However, you’ll enjoy its great overall sounds, and the tune reliability for all time.



ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000M




What distinguishes this version from the standard EC-1000, is its maple wood fretboard- instead of ebony. The advantage of this maple wood addition is that it gives the guitar a more appealing aesthetic, as well as improved sound quality.

Since the more enhanced aesthetics is basically what differentiates this version from the standard EC 1000, the ESP company produced relatively fewer copies of the model.

This is the reason why the product is not common on the market, and you may only get a pre-used one- if you’re lucky. For instance, you may check out several refurbished ones on eBay and Reverb stores.



Knowing if the ESP Deluxe LTD EC-1000 is the Right Guitar for you

Now, you must have seen the fantastic features and specifications of the EC-1000, as well as its few limits and flaws.

The guitar remains one of the best products you can find on the market, but know that this does not necessarily make it the best product for you.

The guitar’s main features like the fret number, the EMG active pickups, and the thin single-cut body, show that it is largely designed for metal music use.

This makes it a first choice option for guitarists who strum to gain music like hard rock and heavy metal.

However, you may still play to other genres once in a while, but don’t go for this model- if you primarily play to music types like pop, blues, jazz, or country. For these, an Epiphone or a Stratocaster may do just fine.

Final Words

After considering all the important things that there is to consider in a guitar- at this time of the century, we think that the ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 is truly worth the hype.

The fact that you can run real professional strums on a product costing less than a thousand dollars, is a plus on its own.

Now, irrespective of whether you’ll be using the guitar as your primary strum tool or as a complement for another guitar, what’s great is that you’ll find the model to be very useful.

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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ How does the guitar sound output compare?

Both the ESP LTD EC 1000 & ESP Eclipse E-11 Guitar have a similar sound output which especially good for the EC 1000 when compared to a more expensive model.

✅ How do the prices compare?

As much as we know, the pricing is about the biggest difference between the two models. The price differences are significantly huge, and hence could be a major determinant of a person’s buying choices.

✅ How do the two guitars compare?

When comparing the body features for the two guitars, it is not incorrect to say that the eclipse E-II model has hardware with relatively higher quality than that of the EC 1000.

However, both guitars are largely identical, and you may not so much notice the differences from the start. Don’t be surprised to hear that the LTD EC 1000’s hardware is just good enough to do all that you can require from a guitar.

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