The Nighthawk X45 NETGEAR C7800 plus NETGEAR R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 (Update May 2022)


If you run an office or you have a home that has several computers, then it is likely that you’ll need a modem and router to connect them all. Now, there are quite a number of these products on the market, and it can be a lot of work determining which ones are best for you. Currently, however, the Nighthawk X45 NETGEAR C7800 device seems to be one of the most advertised products all over the place. This means that you would likely have it as one of the important options for you if you ask a retailer.

Now, this device- which was first released in July 2017, has continued to get online and offline reviews on its performance and output. In fact, analysts say the device is probably one of the top DOCSIS 3.1 cable models that could compete with a number of 4.0 models. On the overall, the Nighthawk X45 C7800 seems to have gained more market traction in the past few weeks. This could be a sign that more people may be showing support for the model.

If you’ll be buying your own modem router any time soon, then read on to see what we think about this computer systems networking device.

Basic Advantages of Buying The Netgear™ Nighthawk C7800

There are quite a number of reasons why the Netgear company’s Nighthawk C7800 is now a darling. If you consider the specifications and performance of the product, you’ll see a device that conveniently stays in a top-class over the others.

Firstly, the fact that it is a modem router in one device gives it an extra edge. This is because more people think that buying a device like this, is more economical and advantageous for them. For instance, the Netgear™ Nighthawk X45 C7800 not only creates a local network for your several home or office computers, but it also decodes and connects them to the signals from your ISP.

With a model like this, the user would be buying just one device instead of two. Asides the relatively reduced cost price that this would bring, you would also be spending relatively less on electricity. This is true since a separate modem and router would usually require individual power supplies, while a modem router like this one requires just one.

On another hand, installing the Nighthawk C7800 is relatively easier, and there would be no need for too many wired connections that could take a lot of time to sort out.



Important Components and Features on The Modem Router

The following are some of the important components and functions on the Netgear Nighthawk C7800 modem router:

  • External features and dimensions

The Nighthawk C7800 is not in any way small. It has an estimated weight of about 1.4kg, with a device dimension put at 12.4 × 10.4 × 7.5 inches. Many people say this is quite big, especially if you compare the product to some other more compact devices in the same category. However, this is not seen as a major disadvantage, since you wouldn’t always need to move it around. Asides that, however, it is made of strong durable materials that can withstand the resulting heat that may be produced after several days of use.

The modem router comes with four antennas at the back, all of which provide some unbeatable great performance. Their functions are importantly enhanced by the power amplifier structures that help boost up the Wi-Fi range for the connections. Other significant external features include the Ethernet ports, an internet cable port, as well as the LED, Wi-Fi, and WPS buttons on the front board. The device also comes with a set of LED lights on one side, as well as two 3.0 USB slots for connecting external drives.

  • Device performance and speed

Now, this is probably one of the most important aspects that anyone would be looking at. Usually, people want a modem router that can deliver top performance and speed on whatever activities are been carried out. With a massive 3.2 gigabyte per second speed on this device, you’re on to enjoy fast and seamless browsing, online gaming, video/movie streaming, heavy downloads, etcetera.

The fact that the Netgear Nighthawk C7800 is a DOCSIS 3.1 telecommunications standard device means that you would be getting up to 10 gigabytes per second each, for both Wi-Fi downstream and upstream traffic. Another way of interpreting this is that you may be able to achieve up to 10gbps download speeds. This quality is one of the reasons why the device is said to have an ultra-high-speed function.

Asides this, the modem router has a beamforming infrastructure that enables it to enhance signal speed, as well as the distribution of the same across the network’s area of influence. This function is also significantly facilitated by the four antennas on the modem router. If you’re going to be doing much of VR gaming and streaming, then know that the device’s inbuilt cable labs are one of the most reliable on the market.

  • Network security, monitoring, and control

It is important that your network and connections are safe and non-prone to attack, at all times. The Netgear company takes this to account on the Nighthawk C7800, hence an addition of certain features. There is the Netgear Genie™ which allows you to carry out detailed monitoring and control of the activities on connected computers and the entire network.

This means that you can effectively manage information download on all computers, and put a bar on certain activities. For instance, if you’ve got this modem router in the home, you can restrict its access to certain websites- as a parental control action. This module can also be used in creating your home’s internet.

Note that the WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security modules on the device are also very impressive. They would significantly help keep your data safe and block out potential unauthorized access to your network.




Final Remarks

You’ll most likely not find a modem router that is entirely perfect. However, a little downside here or there, would usually not hurt. As far as the best contemporary modem and router devices are concerned, the Netgear Nighthawk significantly meets the required standards. Although there is more to expect from manufacturers, in general, this is still one of the best that you can spend your money on.


Netgear R6400 Vs R6700 Vs R7000 Review

It isn’t hard to get confused with similar names yet different prices while looking for tech stuff. So, while you may have narrowed your choice of a router down to Netgear routers, here’s a simple yet handy guide for you to decide on the best option for yourself to build an amazing home network.

Not to be confused with the details and all the specs these routers provide, here’s a detailed guide to the top picks, Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000.

Similarities Between the NETGEAR R6400, R6700 & R7000 Routers

Let us first go through the main components that are similar in all three of these routers.

  • Each router under the Netgear name is of dual bandwidth 802.11ac routers. This means that each processor is capable of increasing the speed by simultaneously broadcasting two signals, one of 2.4Ghz over a smaller range but using the ac frequency while the other is of 5GHz ‘n’ standard over a wider area range. This dual bandwidth increases signal efficiency and the transmission rate by allowing two simultaneous paths.
  • The Netgear routers use the beamforming technology to increase the signal strength within your homes by countering the blind spots with radio signals. It uses software to improve the signal quality over the 5GHz bandwidth.
  • In order to directly connect devices to your router in your home network, each router provides multiple ethernet ports. The total ports provided by the routers are 5, 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports. The 4 LAN ports are used for direct connection establishment while the single WAN port provided is not necessarily used in such a local network.
  • The best feature provided by the listed routers is the guest network. We know how much of a big hassle it is to through the password authentication process, so using this feature guests in your house can have easy unauthorized access to the network. This feature can be easily turned on and off, to provide the simplest access to Wi-fi.
  • We all sure do love to stream our favourite programs and TV shows but what happens to the streaming when we have to download huge work files. So, worry no more as these routers come with a streaming optimization feature which allows the network traffic to be altered in such a way that the bandwidth is divided by giving enough power to the streaming channel for efficient streaming while the rest of the bandwidth is divided among the other sources. So, worry no more as smooth streaming is not on its way.

Netgear R6400 Vs R6700 Vs R7000 (Which one is better)



Netgear R6400 Processor

The main aspect that distinguishes this router from the other two is its small processor. Having an 800MHz processor may be considered slow as compare to the other two due to its slow processing power but it may be the best candidate for lightweight use.

This simply means that while the other two may be able to process information at a rate of one billion per second, a single core of the Netgear R6400 lets you do that a speed of eight hundred million bits per second. But the dual-core aspect increases the speed up to 1.6 billion bits. This change in speed sure does affect the other features available.


The Netgear R6400 tends to be lighter on the pocket as compared to the other two. At a very good price, you can easily get a router that meets all your needs. You can check out the price here.

USB Ports

The Netgear R6400 has two USB ports, 1x USB2.0, 1x USB3.0. This allows the connection of multiple devices to the router in your home network. You can use this feature to attach a printer or a network storage unit to the router.


It has a similar speed range as the other router in the Netgear R600 series, which happens to be AC1700(450+1300). These AC1700 routers tend to be slower in speed which may hinder the usage.



Netgear R6700 Processor

As compared to the formerly discussed router, the Netgear R7000 provides us with a powerful processor of 1GHz. This processing power of one billion bits per second supports the Beamforming+ and streaming optimization features to go as fast as they are designed. While the previous one only supported 800 million bits of data, this processor using its dual bandwidth and processing power of one billion bits of data increases the efficiency of the network and provided easy transmission.


Like the Netgear R6400, the R6700 is also light on the pocket with only a couple of extra dollars in the price. It can be found here.

USB Ports

In comparison to the other two routers under discussion, the R6700 comes with a little drawback. It provides a single USB3.0 port. But it may end up being an unnoticeable difference if you do not plan on using multiple USB devices which is the case in most home networks.


Like the previous one, the Netgear R6700 provides us with a speed range of AC1750 (450 + 1300). This may be slow as compared to the R7000 series but still provides a great use of the beamforming and streaming optimization feature.


NETGEAR R7000 (Winner)


Netgear R7000 Processor

Similar to the previously discussed router, the Netgear R7000 provides us with a fast processing speed of one billion bits per second as it supports a 1GHZ processor. This 1Ghz processor is powerful and capable of seamless data transmission across networks.


The R7000 as compared to the other two is a little on the pricey end but the feature it provides sure does justify the money. ‘You can check out the product price here.

USB Ports

The Netgear R7000 houses two USB ports, 1x USB2.0, 1x USB3.0, which allows the connection of multiple USB devices such as a printer or network storage to build a fully functional work/home network just for your ease.


The major difference that distinguishes R7000 and puts it on top of the others is the speed, AC1900 (600 + 1300). This means that the AC1900 has a way better speed as compared to the AC1750s.



Now you’re probably wondering, they all seem good so which one should I get? Even though it all depends on your requirements and either one of them could be the best option for you, but if you’re really asking for our opinion, we recommend the Netgear R7000 router. With all its amazing qualities what makes it stands out among the others is the extra 2.4GHz frequency bandwidth it provides. The extra money you pay sure does take you a long way as the R700 is designed to go a long way as the extra bandwidth allows it to be used by older devices.

From hindrance free transmission to easy and smooth access to in-home Wi-fi, the Netgear routers provide you with a wide range of options and there is definitely one that is exactly the right option for you. So that’s what we think about the top picks. Hope this guide helps you in picking the best Netgear router

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