There’s nothing better than a custom PS4 controller. Not only do they showcase your style, but they also personalize your gaming experience. Plus, controllers can be made accessible for all types of gamers, including those with limited mobility. 

Nevertheless, with so many options available, finding the perfect PS4 controller customized for your playstyle can be a challenge. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a custom PS4 controller or how to make a custom Xbox One controller, you’ve come to the right place.

Custom PS4 Controllers on Evil Controllers

Let’s start with PS4 controllers. Evil Controllers offers a solid lineup with some exciting options you should definitely consider. They also provide a lifetime warranty on all custom ps4 and xbox controllers.

This PS4 custom controller is explicitly built for Fortnite Battle Royale. It enables you to assign build structures for an optimal build experience. It’s also designed with programmable hotkeys for instant weapon swaps and faster firing, and spontaneous reprogramming of the paddles. Basically, you can remap the PS4 Fortnite however you like, whenever you want.

Overall, it’s an excellent controller for PS4 for those looking to increase their reaction time or remap their paddles on the fly. It’s compatible with any game and enables you to play like a pro.

The PS4 Evil Shift is a custom PS4 controller that is tournament ready and approved by Major League Gaming for use in Professional Esports. Its paddle design is smooth and effortless, making for smoother cornering, faster shooting, and improved accuracy.

This custom controller for PS4 also enables you to perform complex maneuvers because its paddles are mounted directly on top of the activator buttons. You’ll have instant reaction time and can use all four paddles at the same time.

Evil Controllers’ Master Mod is their original custom PS4 controller. Basically, it’s a standard PS4 controller, but with a ton of customization options. For instance, it has nine essential mods and 20 customizable slots. It’s an excellent option for those who love the original controller’s feel but need an edge.

It also comes equipped with a variety of useful mods, including tactical rapid fire, fast reload, and auto run. You can even perform in-game remapping. It’s the kind of controller for PS4 that will make you a better player.

Evil Controllers’ Master Mod is their original custom PS4 controller. Basically, it’s a standard PS4 controller, but with a ton of customization options. For instance, it has nine essential mods and 20 customizable slots. It’s an excellent option for those who love the original controller’s feel but need an edge.

Evil Controllers also offers many accessibility options. They have a lightweight controller for PS4 and a couple of one-handed options, including one with the thumbstick extension. They also enable you to remap any input on the PS4 custom controller for things like the right or left hand and cord length.

With the thumbstick, players with limited mobility are able to perform like the pros. The thumbstick is designed to be used with one hand and positioned wherever it needs to be. It can be used with a foot, chin, shoulder, or arm.

Reviews of the PS4 Evil Controllers

Custom PS4 Controllers on ModdedZone

One of the best ways to up your game is to build a custom PS4 controller designed around your personal preferences and playstyle. Redesigned elements and a modded controller provide better control of the game. Even when you can’t find an already built controller, you can always customize one. ModdedZone is an excellent place to start.

ModdedZone’s controller customizer enables you to design your ideal custom PS4 controller. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to make a custom PS4 controller, you’ve come to the right place. Every button and thumbstick is customizable, and you can add badges, LED lights, and, most importantly, access to lots of different mods.

However, the best thing about ModdedZone’s PS4 controllers is that each one includes an MZ titan chip. This technology makes the controller programmable from an app on your phone. So, you don’t have to worry about your custom PS4 controller’s presets. All you have to do is access the Mod Marketplace, where you’ll find tons of mod packs.

It’s a simple process to alter ModdedZone’s controller for PS4. With a few taps on your phone, you can go from basic functionality to the perfect eSports controller. ModdedZone has perfect PS4 controller customize options.

ModdedZone also offers premium additions of their custom PS4 controller. These premium controllers have designs ranging from flashy and colorful to elegant and straightforward. All of them contain the MZ titan chip, and all of them can be modded to fit your needs.

These premium designs add some serious style to your gameplay experience. Whether you prefer a custom controller for PS4 splattered with alien blood or coated in gold chrome, ModdedZone’s premium additions are worth checking out.

Of course, you may not be interested in adapting every little detail of your next PS4 custom controller. In that case, you probably want to take a look at ModdedZone’s ready to go controllers. Each one is custom modded and has an MZ titan chip, so you’ll have access to the Mod Marketplace.

They also come in some pretty cool designs. Some of the coolest ones include the Evil Circuit, gray and red circuit lines on a black background, and the Enigma FX3, which features a glossy finish over luminous greenish-blue hue. Of course, there are simple designs to choose from as well, such as regular white or soft blue or red.

Finally, for top-level gaming, ModdedZone offers a pro edition of its PS4 custom controller. In addition to being fully customizable, from shell color to thumbstick style, the pro edition controller has MZ paddles and MZ hair triggers. These features provide you with the fastest response times possible for speedier shooting and more accuracy.

Of course, this custom PS4 controller also has the MZ titan chip and access to mod packs from the Mod Marketplace. Basically, you’re free to play however you want and can adjust the controller for different play experiences and games. The MZ paddles and triggers make this a tournament-worthy PS4 custom controller.

Reviews of the PS4 Modded Zone

Evil Controllers have some of the most responsive Xbox One controllers on the market. Although they offer different models for various types of play, all of their controllers have some killer mods, features, and the versatility to excel in all kinds of games.

xbox 1 modded controller custom

Xbox 1 controllers available;

Custom Xbox One Controllers on Evil Controllers

The X1 Fortnite is a beautiful custom Xbox One controller. It’s designed around eSports and explicitly created for Fortnite Battle Royale. Not only does it enable you to build structures quickly, but you can easily program hotkeys for faster weapons firing. You can even program the paddles for fast weapon selection.

Of course, this Xbox One custom controller is not just for Fortnite. It can be programmed for optimum performance in any game you choose. Plus, it has spontaneous reprogramming you can do anytime, even in the middle of a game. All in all, it’s a powerful controller and a solid choice for most gamers.

If you’re looking for a professional tournament controller, you might want to look at this one. The X1 Evil Shift is approved for tournament use by Major League Gaming and is ergonomically designed so that your hands have maximum reaction time.

What’s more, the X1 Evil Shift is fully programmable. It has hairpin triggers and is optimized to get you in the game as soon as possible, without a steep learning curve or dealing with apps. Of course, if you want to, you can remap this Xbox One custom controller any time you like, even in-game

The X1 Master Mod is a custom Xbox One controller designed to give you an edge during gameplay. It has some great mods, such as tactical rapid fire for an increased fire rate and an auto scope that steadies your aim and improves accuracy.

Like most Evil Controllers’ Xbox One custom controllers, remapping is easy, and you can even do it during a game. It has 1000 controller customizations and 20 customizable slots. In-built mods like fast reload, and auto run makes gameplay smooth and provide a real advantage.

Evil Controllers has some great products for all kinds of gamers, including those with disabilities and limited mobility. For example, they offer several one-handed controllers and some lightweight options.

On top of that, you can get thumbstick extensions for your custom Xbox One controller that you can use in either hand. This device enables you to control gameplay entirely with your thumb and can be positioned on any part of your body that has mobility.

ModdedZone has a lot to offer when it comes to Xbox One controllers. Their controllers are all made in the United States and are designed to be completely customizable. You can get Xbox One controllers custom-built however to want, from paddle style to shell design.

Custom ModdedZone Xbox One Controllers

When it comes to Xbox One custom controllers, you can’t get any more customized than this. ModdedZone has a controller customizer PS4 that enables you to pick every design element just as you’d like it, from the shell color to triggers and paddles. You can even choose a different color for the battery pack if you’d like.

Nonetheless, if you’re unsure about every little detail, there are packs you can choose from, including a Fortnite pack and an FPS (First Person Shooter) pack. Every custom Xbox One controller also comes equipped with an MZ Titan chip. This chip enables you to connect your controller via Bluetooth to a mobile device and program its functionality. You’ll have access to the Mod Marketplace, where you can download different mod packs.

So, now you know how to make a custom Xbox One controller. ModdedZone’s controller customizer is an excellent tool for creating a truly unique controller. Of course, you can also choose some mod packs that are optimized for certain kinds of gaming, such as the FPS (First Person Shooter) pack and the Fortnite pack. Overall, this is an excellent way to customize Xbox One controller.

Modifying your Xbox One custom controller’s functionality is one thing, but what about style and appearance? Well, in addition to various colors and designs, there are also premium options. These are stylish patterns and configurations to add some personality to your game playing experience.

Premium designs range from fancy and flashy to sleek and sophisticated. For example, there is a shell made to look like wood with gold trim. Another features a turquoise blue highlighted by golden lightning. For serious gamers, there is some cool stuff here.

As far as ready to go Xbox One controllers are concerned, ModdedZone has a good selection. These controllers come equipped with a mod chip and 35 pre-installed mods. Because of the MZ titan chip, you’ll also have the ability to hook your controller up to an app on your phone for additional modding options.

So, if you’re not interested in designing every little detail on your next Xbox One custom controller, then these are worth checking out. They also have some cool colors and designs available, with names like Nebula, Evil Circuit, and Apex Legends.

Of course, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to Xbox One controllers, ModdedZone’s pro edition is the way to go. This controller is fully customizable, has a rubber feel for improved grip, and hair triggers for optimized responsiveness. It also has an MZ titan chip to connect it via Bluetooth to your mobile device, edit your mods, and download packs from the Mod Marketplace.

You can remap your Xbox One pro edition controller to function however works best for you. There are a variety of mod packs available in the Mod Marketplace, and there are really no limits on what you can do with this controller. Overall, the pro edition controller is an excellent way to up your game.

Finally, we come to the new Xbox One Elite controller. This custom controller for Xbox One is top of the line, with fully customizable features that include cutting-edge tech. For example, the Xbox One Elite controller has both interchangeable D-pads and thumbsticks. It has two paddles designed for ergonomic gaming.

What’s more, the Xbox One Elite Series 2 is an updated version that is equipped with all of the mods you need to dominate online. It’s one of the most advanced Xbox One controllers available and can be fully customized. You’re also free to choose different design patterns for its shell, including the Space design or the Joker pattern.


ModdedZone also has custom Nintendo Switch controllers. They offer the traditional 2-piece style called the Joy-Con controller and a 1-piece custom modded controller. All in all, there are a lot of controllers to choose from here.


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Custom Controllers

The Joy-Con is a custom Nintendo Switch controller that uses the traditional design. It comes as two parts that can either slide onto either side of the console for handheld gaming or come off for a more dynamic playstyle. The Joy-Con controller can also be used for competitive games or for two-player cooperation. Either way, the Joy-Con has a full set of buttons for use as a standalone controller or otherwise.

Joy-Con is a versatile Nintendo Switch custom controller. It’s battery-powered, so there’s no need to worry about tangling cords, and each piece has its own accelerometer and gyro-sensor, enabling independent left and right movement.

What’s more, the Joy-Con custom Nintendo Switch controller has been professionally modded. This feature allows you to map and remap the controller either for your personal style or optimized for each game you play. It’s perfect for both competitive and cooperative play.

Finally, the Joy-Con Nintendo Switch custom controller adds some serious color to your Nintendo Switch. ModdedZone offers many different designs and color patterns from which to choose, from Blue Fire to Zelda. Each design custom mixed paints and has a crystal finish for added style and personality.

ModdedZone also offers the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. This custom Nintendo Switch controller is designed for optimal performance. It forgoes the new 2-piece design of the original Nintendo Switch controller in favor of a more traditional design.

Built using authentic Nintendo controllers only, this custom Nintendo Switch controller is modified for a truly professional experience. You’re free to remap the controller however you’d like and can customize it with various mods.

The Nintendo Switch Pro custom controller includes all of the standard features, such as HD rumble, motion control, built-in amiibo functionality, and more. It’s cordless and comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable. It’s a solid choice for Nintendo Switch players.

On top of that, ModdedZone offers some killer colors and designs for this custom Nintendo Switch controller. Like the Joy-Con, each design uses custom paints topped off with a crystal finish. While some of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller’s designs are the same as the Joy-Con, others are unique, such as the Great Wave pattern and the Dragon Ball Z design (rights reserved).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom ps4 controllers cost?

Custom PS4 controllers range from $60 to $150.

Are modded controllers illegal?

Although Modded controllers have not been accepted by Microsoft they are legal to use during gameplay.

What is the best custom ps4 controller?

This really does depend on the person. Check out the selection at the top of this article.

Are controller mods cheating?

It is certainly an advantage but it is not considered cheating. Take this analogy, if I buy a $100 pair of football boots and my competitor buys a pair that is only $50, is this cheating, absolutely not!

Do modded controllers have aimbot?

Yes they can.

Is there a warranty on the custom controllers?

Evil controllers have a 14 day returns policy should there be an issue with the controller or you change your mind. Evil controllers offer a lifetime warranty on all electrical components and non-moving parts. For more information please visit there warranty information page

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