5 Best Gaming Chairs For the Xbox & Playstation. GTRACING (Update June 2022)


Every gamer is familiar with the discomfort that comes from playing for hours at a time on an unsupportive gaming chair. It’s frustrating to deal with and can even have a negative impact on your gameplay. Luckily, GTRACING is here to help.

GTRACING has been producing racing-style gaming chairs since its founding in 2011. GTRACING is proud to develop chairs specifically designed by gamers and made for gamers. Their products promise maximum comfort, function, and durability at an affordable price.

Each of the three lines of GTRACING chairs caters to the needs of gamers. The Pro Series features the best gaming chairs for all-around gaming. The Music Series chairs add a sound system for more immersive gaming, while the Luxury Series chairs have lots of seat space.

Come take a closer look at five of the top-rated GTRACING chairs for gamers that can take your gaming to the next level.

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2020 Pro Series Footrest Series GT901 – Black

GT901_BLACK_600 GTRACING Game Chair

This GTRACING gaming chair is a smart all-around option with an ergonomic racing-style design and metal construction. It comes in black, blue, and red, so you can match the color to the room where you’ll keep it. You receive a 1-year warranty with these chairs, which also works well as an office chair for working from home situations.

With this gaming chair, you have plenty of opportunities to make adjustments. Flexible armrests move up or down for more freedom of movement during gameplay. You can also modify the height of the seat, the recline angle, and the backrest, which can adjust between 90 and 170 degrees using the simple tilt-tension knob.

This particular series features a retractable footrest, and a detachable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to provide extra cushioning for better support, comfort, and posture. This chair aims to reduce discomfort by aligning your neck and spine, which you need when using a gaming chair for long periods at a time.

The 360-rotation allows you to play on more than one screen, while the mesh fabric offers breathability. This gaming chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble these GTRACING chairs as they come with all the needed tools
  • Silent and smooth rolling casters that effortlessly roll over all different surfaces
  • Customer reviews show that these chairs help with the back pain usually experienced during extended hours of sitting
  • Class 4 KGS gas lift for heavy-duty use and safety


  • The footrest tends to slide out on its own
  • GTRACING recommends two people for assembling these chairs

Music Series GT890MF – Red


This Music Series GTRACING gaming chair also comes in pink, blue, purple, black, and gray. It features two Bluetooth speakers that provide surround sound for the ultimate gaming chair. The audio is clear, and the bass is powerful so that you won’t miss any aspect of gameplay. You can connect this chair to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

When this gaming chair has a full charge, you get up to six hours of playtime. This chair feels soft but dense to make sure you’re comfortable during those hours. The padded seat, made from thick foam, molds to your body but retains its shape for long-lasting support.

The chair ergonomic, metal frame of this option supports rocking, a 360-degree swivel, and reclining between 90 and 170 degrees. You can use height adjustment for the seat and armrests with the hydraulic KGS gas lift that provides a steady elevation. This chair also has a 350-pound weight capacity.

You can receive a 1-year warranty that would include free replacements for damaged parts from customer service. The PU leather lends a luxe look and feel that makes this chair perfect for multiple purposes, including as a gaming chair, a desk chair, and even for hair and beauty salons.


  • You receive plenty of runtime for long sessions in your gaming chair
  • This chair is compatible with multiple devices
  • Exceptional audio with surround sound
  • Retractable footrest


  • It takes three hours to charge this chair completely
  • The wheels of these chairs do not lock into position

2020 Pro Series: GTracing Ace S1 – White


This GTRACING gaming chair aims to mix luxury and comfort. They developed this innovative design with function in mind, using only durable materials. The metal frame and base combine with the ergonomic design to support posture. The metal base also has five casters that quietly move across any type of flooring.

The adjustable 4D armrest sets this chair apart from the rest. You can move it in four directions, including back and forth, up and down, and left to right. The armrests are big for better stability. You can raise and lower the seat, too, and swivel a full 360 degrees.

PU leather material lends a natural style to the chair and also makes clean-ups easy. You can remove the headrest and lumbar pillow, and if the cushions are too puffy, you can also use the zippers to pull out some of the stuffing and try to mold it to your preferences.

This gaming chair easily lounges between 90 and 160 degrees for a high level of comfort and locks into place to stabilize your position. You will have to complete some assembly, but most buyers are able to put it together in less than 30 minutes.


  • The wider armrests adjust in all directions
  • Excellent blend of utility and comfort with this chair
  • Extended warranty of up to five years
  • Sleek aesthetic so the chair blends with any space and looks modern


  • This chair has a lower weight capacity at just under 300 pounds
  • The seat is a little narrow in width for this gaming chair

2020 Pro Series GT002 – Blue


This GTRACING gaming chair features a classic ergonomic design that offers support and comfort. It’s an amazing choice for a first gaming chair and is also available in black, purple, red, gray, white, and pink. It rings in at a reasonable price and includes a 1-year limited warranty.

The cushioned backrest will help you maintain proper posture even during long stretches of using this gaming chair. This chair can recline between 90 and 170 degrees and includes a locking system to hold the position. GTRACING uses high-quality metal for increased durability and stability.

You can adjust the height of the armrests and the seat to your personal preference. The seat adjuster features a heavy-duty hydraulic lift for superior performance. Meanwhile, two pillows for the head and lumbar spine give you a way to add extra padding and support.

For a more interactive or demanding gaming experience with multiple screens, GTRACING included a 360-degree swivel. It moves smoothly and quickly to get you to your next monitor. This gaming chair also holds a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.


  • A fair balance of cost and comfort
  • Adequate lumbar support with a high back
  • Fast assembly with this games chair
  • Multipurpose for use as a gaming chair, office chair, or for other long hours of sitting


  • Small and unpadded armrests on this chair can lead to discomfort
  • This gaming chair could have a softer seat cushion

Luxury Series GTK002 – Black


The GTRACING Luxury Series features premium materials for maximum comfort and upgraded mechanisms for improved function. These high-quality materials also result in excellent sturdiness and long-lasting performance. This GTRACING gaming chair has a modern, minimalist design that makes it unique from other GTRACING gaming chairs.

GTRACING uses soft 100% Grade-A premium PU leather that blends together with exceptional stitching. This product is practically stain-resistant and five times more durable than previous versions. The cold-cured foam in the cushions always takes back its original shape, so you get the utmost support every time you sit down.

The metal frame has an ergonomic construction that perfectly complements the exterior’s refined appearance. The metal base of the chair makes for reliable positioning and needs just one advanced mechanism to control the seat height and the rocking function. You can recline this chair between 90 and 170 degrees. 

The armrests move in four directions, and this chair works well if you have back pain or tension in your pressure points thanks to the removable head and lumbar pillows. If you decide to use these pillows, this chair even promotes proper spinal alignment.


  • Extra padding on the armrests of these chairs
  • Spacious dimensions to fit every size
  • Sturdy caster wheels for improved stability and movement
  • Best chair for gamers that specialize in eSports


  • The cushions may be a little stiff at first and take some breaking in
  • A higher price than other options because of the high-quality materials

Final Verdict

All five of these versatile and high-quality GTRACING gaming chairs have something unique to offer. With any of their chairs, gaming can be advanced and exciting. While you can’t go wrong with any of them, the GTRACING 2020 Pro Series Footrest Series GT901 offers a comfortable and immersive all-around gaming experience.

It features GTRACING’s classic ergonomic design with supportive cushions and multiple opportunities for seat adjustment. This chair can mold to your back to help with spinal alignment, and you can recline it up to 170 degrees to enjoy a relaxing break on your gaming chair. It also swivels a complete 360 degrees for ease of use while playing.

The GTRACING 2020 Pro Series Footrest Series GT901 allows gamers to play for hours without discomfort thanks to its soft cushions and removable pillows. It moves silently across all types of surfaces and holds up well for extended use. Plus, you can take advantage of the retractable footrest for an even more comfortable gaming chair. 

The price of one of these chairs is reasonable, as well, so it’s forgiving on your budget. When it comes to gaming chairs, GTRACING offers several excellent options. But for one of the most versatile and affordable chairs, be sure to check out the GTRACING 2020 Pro Series Footrest Series GT901.



We’ve got the answers you’re looking for when it comes to the best gaming chairs.

Are GTRACING Chairs Good?

GTRACING gaming chairs have a great reputation among gamers, especially for their balance of quality and price. Because they’re gamers themselves, the staff at GTRACING know what features to include in a gaming chair, and they deliver with a bunch of different models that are all durable, comfortable, and affordable to buy.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad for Posture?

A gaming chair is not necessarily bad for your posture. It all depends on the gaming chair that you purchase and how much support it provides. The adjustments you make to pillow placement may also affect your posture. If everything lines up correctly, the best gaming chair may actually promote good posture.

How Long Do GTRACING Chairs Last?

Most GTRACING gaming chairs will remain in first-rate condition for at least two years. The best gaming chairs will last even longer, depending on the frequency of use. Every gaming chair from GTRACING is durable with high-quality materials.

What Gaming Chairs Do YouTubers Use?

GTRACING game chairs are popular among YouTubers for their 360-degree swivel, supportive construction, and ease of movement. You may see that YouTubers prefer chairs with functions like these because they allow them to interact with multiple screens and sit comfortably for long periods of time.

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