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Best Fitness Game Consoles To Make You Sweat During The Lockdown (Nintendo vs Xbox vs PS4 vs WiiU)

Video gaming has traditionally enticed kids indoors, preventing physical activity. However, the development of VR and motion-sensing technology has helped gaming companies produce games that promote fitness while making exercise fun. There are picks not only for kids but adults, too!

With the outbreak of the coronavirus exercising from home is not just a preference anymore but a necessity. Why not become creative with your home workouts by using a variety of fun fitness games to keep you fit from the comfort of your own room or when you can’t get to the gym.

Here are the most popular gaming consoles (including our choice for the best gaming console) for fitness & workout games. We will also look at the fitness games that work best on each platform.

Of all the gaming consoles on this list, the Nintendo Switch offers the most fitness and workout games. It’s also Nintendo’s most popular gaming console.

Why do these Nintendo Switch fitness games stand out? And this particular Nintendo model?

Fitness Games for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo made this boxing game specifically for the Joy-Con controllers on the Switch. You perform the boxing-based exercises to music soundtracks that include the most popular modern hits. Players can train alone or against an opponent who also has a Joy-Con. Also, you can work out anywhere because you can Switch and use it as a handheld gaming system. Fitness Boxing also allows you to personalize your workout classes according to your fitness goals, so you can beat your previous efforts. 

Ring Fit Adventure is one of the adventure-themed Nintendo Switch exercise games where you defeat various enemies using real-world exercises. During gameplay, you can work up a sweat as you do lots of high knees, jogs, and sprints as you go through the numerous levels.

The Ring Fit Adventure comes with a Ring Con, which you attach your Joy-Con to for in-game play. Ring Fit Adventure is an excellent mix of fantasy and exercise, and it helps you and your family enjoy physical activity within the context of a fantasy environment.

Just Dance 2020 is an improved version of the 2019 version of the same game. Just Dance 2020 includes a one-month free trial with over 500 of the best modern hits, including songs from Disney’s Frozen and music by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

You can also customize your Just Dance parties with anything you want by picking a customized playlist for your workout. The game also has a Kid’s Mode, which allows you to choose songs specifically for children, so they have an age-appropriate experience. Features like this show how kid-friendly Nintendo Switch fitness games can be.

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Zumba: Burn It Up brings you your favourite dance workout to Nintendo Switch fitness games. With this version of the global exercise phenomenon, you use the Joy-Con controller to track your movements, complete workouts, and assess your form and technique.

Reviews of the Nintendo Switch

NS Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nintendo Switch have fitness games?

The Nintendo Switch seems to be the best adapted for fitness and it also offers the most options for people when it comes to fitness and exercise games.

What is the best game for fitness?

Although my reason is subjective, Fitness Boxing on the Nintendo Switch is my favourite of all the fitness games I have tried. It is fun and a fantastic workout.

Is Switch Boxing a good workout?

Yes Fit Boxing is a fantastic workout. You can workout at many levels to suit your own needs.

How many games can fit on the Switch?

Usually around 3 to 4 games will fit.

Ring Fit Adventure is expensive. Why?

The game is in such high global demand that this increase from the $80 original price will be very commonplace.

The Playstation VR(virtual reality) headset works with the Sony PS4 and can work in conjunction with the PS Move motion controller and the Playstation Eye Camera.


The Playstation VR’s specs are impressive when you use them on PS4 fitness games. With the VR, you get:

You can combine the VR with the Move and Eye Camera or use it on its own with the PS4 to enjoy a range of PS4 fitness games, such as Knockout League, available on the Playstation Store.

Workout Games for Playstation VR

BoxVr is one of the most popular PS4 workout video games. It combines the intense boxing workout and music that will get you moving. It has over 100 different music tracks, including Hip Hop, Dance, Rock, and Pop.

You combine the tunes with a range of built-in boxing workouts. You can also custom make your own workout regimes with varying levels of difficulty. Every workout gets recorded in the game, and it then shows you how many calories you’ve burned during the session. Playing can also prepare your mind for harder games such as Beat Saber. (A similar game is Fitness Boxing for the Nintendo Switch.) 

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Just Dance started as a simple dancing game with a fixed number of songs. That’s still what the one-month free trial in the 2020 version brings to the table. It comes with 400 songs that you can enjoy for a month before you subscribe to one of the Just Dance plans.

However, the game now fully personalizes your experience by learning your dancing habits and suggesting new content based on this data. There is also seasonal content, and subscribers can participate in special events. Unlike some older PS4 exercise games, you can use this 2020 game with the Playstation VR headset alone. The game is also available on the Stadia platform.

You do not need the Move motion controller. Your smartphone can also get integrated into the system to track your moves.

Reviews of the PSVR

PS4 Frequently Asked Questions

Does PS4 have any fitness games?

Yes PSVR specifically has a lot of fitness games. Box VR and Just Dance to name a few.

What do I need to play just dance on PSVR?

All you need is your Playstation VR headset and you're ready to go.

Which game is ideal if you’re looking to lose weight?

Those mentioned above are very helpful, but another good option is Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey

Microsoft officially discontinued the Xbox Kinect sensor in 2017. It was primarily for the Xbox 360 system. However, you can still purchase the Kinect sensor and use it with the newer Xbox One to play Xbox fitness games.

You can use the Kinect Sensor with:

Xbox One Kinect Exercise Games

Shape Up is one of the Xbox One workout games that rely on the Kinect. It adds things like asteroids, monsters, and other animated figures that bring an element of fun to your workout. (You can even do squats to the moon!)  The exercises target different muscle groups in 90-second bursts. The game allows you to play as yourself on screen using Next Gen camera technology, and also with other characters and users online.

You can also go on season-long quests that help you with your weight loss and fitness goals.

Zumba Fitness World Party features popular Zumba workouts. The best thing about this game is how it changes settings to make you feel like you are travelling around the world and dancing with your favourite Zumba instructors. You also get to dance to some great hits from the likes of Daddy Yankee and Pitbull.

There’s even a progress tracker to record your stats. You can use this to count calories burned and get a Zumba technique score.

Just Dance 2019 also has a version for Xbox Kinect. This variant takes full advantage of the Kinect, which tracks your full body movements. This feature provides more accurate tracking of your progress and technique.

Xbox One Kinect Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fitness games for Xbox one?

Yes check our selection above.

Can you play Kinect games on Xbox one?

No they are not compatible.

What Xbox one games work with Kinect?

Forza Motorsport 5

Will there be a successor to the Kinect?

Orbbec appears to be the best option to take over from the discontinued Kinect.

The Kinect sensor connects to the original Xbox 360. With this sensor, you can enjoy Xbox fitness games built specifically for the 360. This console is older, but at least you can still enjoy exercise games, and you may be able to get a deal on these older titles.

Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor Fitness Games

The Nike+ Kinect Training is one of the Xbox fitness games from Microsoft, which created it to work seamlessly with the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor. The game is fully customizable so everyone can play. It uses sports science from Nike to create a full-body workout based on your fitness goals and performance.

Every four weeks, you get results on your overall fitness so that you can track your progress and measure your success. The game also includes tips from top Nike athletes to help you in your fitness life.

This workout program not only helps you with exercise routines, but it also has diet programs to support you as you reach for your fitness goals. The Biggest Loser includes lots of healthy recipes and also helps you track your caloric intake to ensure you’re on track with both exercise and nutrition.

The game follows the same progression as the Biggest Loser TV show. You can even make a video diary that you use to track and record your weekly progress, just like the real contestants.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved includes plenty of workouts from different celebrity trainers, including Michelle Bridges and a martial artist Michael George. The game is very customizable. It has hundreds of exercises as well as lots of new content every week to make sure that you always have something new to try.

The Kinect sensor ensures that you maintain the correct form and technique during the exercises. Its feedback system will alert you if you need to change your posture, stance, or actions.


The PS3 works well with the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye Camera. The combination of this equipment gives you the same attributes as other consoles.


Workout Games for Playstation 3

If you’re into mixed martial arts, then you’ll be a fan of this example of fighting-based Nintendo Switch exercise games. Personal Trainer has over 70 exercises, all of which gain their inspiration from martial arts. The workouts include such varied styles as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and wrestling.

During these workouts, you get to “fight” against some of the most famous UFC fighters and engage in a series of challenging drills that involve both kicking and sequences of punches. The game also lets you track your progress. You get a journal that you can use to view your activities and routines, assess performance, and set goals. Moreover, you can personalize your workout routines according to your fitness goals.

Zumba is such a popular workout program that it has found its way onto all the major fitness gaming consoles. The Zumba Fitness game for the PS Move allows you to dance to over 30 Zumba routines.

The musical styles include Calypso, Flamenco, Rumba, Mambo, Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, and Reggaeton. During your workouts, you can enjoy different settings and backdrops, including skyscraper rooftops and fantasy nightclubs.


The Nintendo Wii was the first console to bring fitness games to the masses(aided by the simultaneous release of Wii Sports). This gaming console finally allowed gamers to climb off their sofas and take part in fitness activities. You may credit the Wii for launching the fitness gaming revolution and inspiring Microsoft and Playstation to develop this niche more and more. The set up for the Wii fitness games includes:

The balance board has a limited range of motion, but there are still lots of Wii fitness games built for this console that find ways to work around this limitation.

Exercise Games for Wii & Wii U

Wii Fit Plus(a successor to Nintendo Wii Fit) is a fitness game with lots of different activities. You can run obstacle courses, work out sprinting and running exercises, or perform aerobic activities such as flapping your arms up and down to get a chicken character on the screen to fly. There is a mix of silly and serious exercises, but all promote vigorous physical activity.

Fit Plus also includes yoga activities, which are an excellent option for the player who is into yoga or would like to learn the practice. With plenty of customization options and lots of different exercise routines, you can easily find something that works for you and your fitness goals. Wii Fit U is the successor to this game.

My Fitness Coach is yet another one of the Wii exercise games that comes with a virtual personal trainer who can take you through hundreds of different aerobics exercises. This Wii offering has just about everything you could want, including strength training, cardio workings, and flexibility training.

The virtual trainer gives you advice about your form and provides you with the motivation you need to keep going until you meet your goals for each workout. You can also customize your environment and workout music and choose the length and frequency of exercises according to your personal fitness goals.

The Zumba Fitness 2 game includes dozens of Zumba routines that you perform while listening to different hit tracks from stars like Pitbull and Yolanda. Zumba instructors are a part of this game. You can get trained by celebrity Zumba trainers, including the creator of the global dance/exercise phenomenon, Beto.

This game includes different game modes, including Zumba Class and Zumba Party. These modes allow you to choose different intensity levels. The game also comes with a Zumba fitness belt, which you wear around your waist to track your body movements in a way that is more accurate than the Wii Remote.

This particular Wii fitness game title includes lots of routines used by dancers that you can use to work out alone or with friends. There are also mini-games, including karate, sword fighting, kangaroo boxing, and rowing. You can build your own circuit or follow one that the game creates for you. You can also use the in-game personal trainer to learn the proper techniques.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best game console for fitness?

The Nintendo Switch seems to be the best adapted for fitness and it also offers the most options when it comes to fitness games and minigames.

What is the best game for fitness?

Although this is subjective, Fitness Boxing on the Nintendo Switch is my favourite of all the versions of fitness games I have tried. It is fun and a fantastic workout. (Rock Climbing on Kinect Sports Rivals is also a personal favourite.)

Are Wii games effective for losing weight?

On top of the Wii suggestions given, We Cheer 2 & Golds Gym Cardio Workout are worthy alternatives.

How do I purchase?

Just click on the item you want to place an order on, and you will be transferred straight through to Amazon where you can finalise your price and order.

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