Millions of desks are made every year from wood composite, solid wood, plastic, particleboard or the composition of many other materials. Millions of dollars are invested in the design and production of the most suitable desk for any user.

As the functionality increases, so does the price of the table.

With many industries competing with each other for the best product, it is very hard to know which one has the best quality-to-price ratio. In this article, we have listed the best quality desks under the price of 100 dollars.

Sedata Racer Games Table

Do you seek elegance but not on the cost of space? This desk is the best option for you. Tangkula computer desk provides you abundant storage for books, papers, documents, laptops and computer screens. You can even put some decorative elements on the 4 tier shelves to make it look appealing so you can do your daily work with charm.

Its high-quality MDF board, iron tube frame and “X” style design give you an extraordinary sturdiness that can make this table withstand a whopping 250lbs of weight.

It comes up with silver feet pads which help you in keeping the table steady along with the advantage of keeping your floor scratch less. We need not mention its portability and the avoidance of screeching, whenever you try to move it.

In addition to its elegance, this desk comes with simply decent colours that will blend in perfectly with any decor. Its compact and practical design will adjust in any environment i.e. room or office.

Its assembly is to be done by yourself. Every minute instruction for its assembly is included in its package. It is as easy to clean as easy it is to assemble. Just a wet wipe will be enough to clean it all.

You want to add a simple and elegant look to your room? This is the design of the table you are looking for. Its composition is simple; wood and metal. To add to the elegance of the table, the steel frame is coated with a matte black powder which along with the polish of its wood offers a highly simple and sophisticated look.

It has a tabletop of 1.58 inches thick and is available in 47 and 55-inch sizes. It comes up with a 30-days moneyback guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

Another perfect example of adding grace to your room with a simple desk is Coleshome’s Computer 47″ Moder Office desk. Its design simplicity has made it more preferable to an office environment. Its MDF made desk Panel is waterproof and anti-scratch which makes it easy to clean. Its decently powder-coated heavy legs not only give style to the table but also ensure its durability. This desk comes up with 47 and 55 inches sizes with colour options as:

  • Black
  • White
  • Walnut and tweaks
  • Merax Moder Design Computer Desk

It is quite similar in design to Coleshome’s desk, but it comes up with an additional PVC edge band along with its waterproof and anti-scratch shelf. Its powder-coated heavy legs provide it with the necessary stability and the opulence required for a decent look of the room. It comes with a single size with dimensions as,

47.2(L) x 23.6(W) x 30(H) inches. Colour options are

  • White and Oak
  • Back and Espresso.
  • Atlantic Gaming Desk:

A gamer can never excel in his game until he has good support for his vigorous hand movements while passionating playing a PC game. This is been looked after by the Atlantic gaming desk. It comes up with some crucial functionalities for a gaming PC. It has the management capacity of holding a monitor, keyboard, laptop, and trays for holding two speakers. It has a drawer, an accessory tray for your smartphones and a holder for your headphones.

Its steel frame is made to bear the passion of the gamers through its hard, rock-like strength and stability. Its dimensions are 44.8 x 26.3 x 7 inches and have a charcoal coloured carbon fibre laminated desktop which supports a 32″ monitor.

OneSpace Stanton Computer desk has mastered the art of adding a simple functionality in a desk quite stylishly. It has a pull-out keyboard shelf feature with a stylish compact and lightweight design. It has firm metal support, with black lamination to withstand heavy weights with style. Its MDF boards can hold a computer tower, printer or any other office supply.

Its 27.5 x 19 inches dimensions give you enough room for your computer and other stuff.

Do you have a small space and need a decent, stylish and sturdy but compact sized desk? Aingoo Rolling desk is the best option for you. Its  Z shaped design gives the necessary stability and sturdiness. Its 360 swivel quality wheels make it easy for us to move the desk in any direction with any kind of equipment being placed on it. Its keyboard tray smoothly slides over its rails and gives the necessary support. It has dimensions of 22.4 x 19.2 x 28.4.

You might be attracted to traditional kinds of designs for your desk. South Shore Axes desk is ideal to match your want. Made from laminated particleboard, it gives off a decent trendy look to your environment with a lot of extra storage. It has 2 open storages and 1 adjustable shelf that can support up to 15 pounds of weight. It comes with several colours as:

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Pure White
  • Natural Maple
  • Royal Cherry

thus it goes off with any kind of decor.

This desk is for the people who like to move around and keep things scattered all over the table or have a lot of stuff to look on while working. Its versatility gives it a special feature along with its powder-coated steel frame, sleek back finish, and its bevelled tempered glass. You can mount the keyboard on any side thus increasing its versatility. It complements any environment. Its dimensions are 51 x 20 x 29 inches.

it is another perfect example of an L shaped desk. This product has a fancy sleek-looking design with a contemporary colour scheme. Its stability makes it usable for gamers, adults, and students. On purchase, you get a free CPU stand. Its durability and usability are unmatchable. Dimensions are as 59 x 55 x 29.5 inches.

How about having multiple functionalities with a simple neat design? It comes up with a steel frame for its strength and durability along with a sleek design provided by its powder-coated rich espresso finish. It has a side storage area, hook for headphones and cable management. It comes with a 1-year warranty and dimensions of 47.2 x 23.6 x 29 inches.

Top 5 Gaming Desks in 2020

The Sedata ergonomic gaming desk is the perfect gaming station if you are looking for something durable, sturdy, and practical. This 44.5 by 24 inches desk has a smooth carbon fibre surface with the option of a unique plastic trim edge design. This large surface leaves enough room for your gaming monitor, keyboard, and other necessary accessories without crowding the space. The Sedata surface sits on a Sturdy Z-shape 3.15 inches thick metal capable of carrying a weight of 330 pounds with a wobble.

The horizontal bar and triangular hinge further strengthen the support structure of the desk. In addition to comforts and affordability, the Sedata Racer gaming desk is a decorated desk for gamers looking for rapt attention when playing a game.

  • Excellent cable management system
  • Improves organization
  • Headphone hook

The Sedata gaming desk is durable, resistant to scratches with adjustable leg pads that improve the game you are playing at the moment. It is also a well-proportioned desk to the body design, allowing you to maintain good posture always.

Go to battle knowing you have the best gaming desk at your disposal. The Eureka Z1 gaming desk is everything you need and more to ensure you come out a winner with every game. This sleek carbon fiber textured gaming surface is the ultimate design that will add pizzazz to your gaming station. At a width of 44.5 inches, this desk will fit a 40-inch monitor, a dream for most gamers. Taking your gaming experience up a notch, Eureka Z1-s is fitted with blue LED glow lights that transform the space and your mode of play.

In addition to the rock-solid Z-shape legs of the Z1-S gaming desk, it is supported with sturdy metallic stabilizer arms that prevent the desk from wobbling regardless of the weight on the desk. Organization and cable management is not a problem with this desk; it has a cup holder and headphone holder at opposite sides of the desk, which further ensures that the desk stays neat during a game.

  • Four leveling feet for increased stability
  • Game control holder
  • Free mouse pad

The Eureka Z1-S gaming desk brings design quality, sturdy construction, and extra storage to gamers who love organization when gaming.

If you like a 180-degree view from your gaming desk, you need the Arozzi Arena gaming desk. Not a small desk, so space should be considered when purchasing one, but this simple design offers more than what most gamers expect in a gaming desk.

First off, this desk is 160 centimetres wide, enough for more than one monitor, but the most unique feature on this desk is the ability to break it apart. It is a three-part desk, making it easy to put together or take apart making transporting easy. It also comes with foldable legs that made of thick metal, giving it the support you need.

This large desk comes with about a ¼ inch thick water-resistant gigantic mouse pad surface mat with an anti-slip base. It comes pre-cut to enable efficient wire management and has netting underneath the table that catches all the wires to ensure your play station is neat.

The top sits on heavy, sturdy metal legs with numerous nuts that solidly attach it to the desk. The legs are adjustable from 28 inches to 32 inches to enable you to gain proper posture when gaming.

  • Extendable rubber disc to help balance or prevent the metal base from scratch the floor
  • It is stable with no wobble
  • Enough surface area for all your gaming accessories

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is a unique design for gamers. With plenty of space to accommodate your gaming accessory and a hand rest too.

Have you been searching for a killer gaming setup but don’t want to break the bank? If you have, then you just found yourself a gaming desk that will check all the boxes and leave you satisfied with the quality, design, ease of use, and maintenance. This gaming desk looks like something Eureka will make except it is Bizzoelife. A large 47-inch waterproof, carbon fiber textured surface with enough room to fit 2 monitors, gaming accessories storage, mouse and mouse pad, keyboard, and other gadgets of choice.

It is not a curved design, but the middle section is cut deeper giving you enough sitting space while the edges protrude outwards. To enhance the gaming experience, Bizzoelife has affixed a 7-color, 3 models RGB LED lighting that flickers heightening the mood when you game. This setup sits on a solid Z-shape leg construction of height 29 inches, 1 cm adjustment, and 4 leveling wheel to prevent the sturdy metal legs from scratching the surface of the floor where it is place.

  • Excellent wire management
  • Durable, sturdy and stable construction to carry a 150-pound weight
  • Ample legroom space for all-night gaming
  • Headphone jack hook

Bizzoelife gaming desk is a convenient, multipurpose design that is stylish and stable. It will not consume space, and it is super easy to assemble.

This well-designed, elegant, and eco-friendly gaming desk is the ultimate in style, performance, and organization for any gamer. For a gaming setup, Vitesse has everything. A 55 inches wide carbon fiber textured surface and 28.5 inches high desk, which sports a solid PVC, and steel coated tube frames that provide remarkable support. The T-shape leg bases are 21.5 inches long, creating superior equilibrium to carry two monitors and other gaming accessories. This stylish surface is strong and firm enough to support a 260 pounds weight. Although it comes with a free mouse pad, you can get a larger pad to fit your big mouse.

The surface is made with high-density fiberboard giving gamers a smooth, flat surface to enjoy the best and win the most difficult. To complete the gaming station is a cup holder, a headphone hook, and a USB charger game rack for your controls and cartridges, and storage space for all cables.

  • Free waterproof Vitesse mouse pad
  • The red Vitesse strike adds extra finesse and makes games pop

Looking to keep your gaming space organized, get the Vitesse gaming desk now. This aggressive design is the best to match your games and the nature of the game.

Top 4 Compact Desks

These were the best 11 desks under 100 dollars and this article is going to filter out the best among 1000s of other desks. Now let us look at some compact desks

Its speciality is its customizability options. It is simple but you can modify it according to your taste from several colour options such as black, blue, white, red and many more. Its compact design along with a keyboard tray makes it usable along with its ability to fit and suit anywhere with minimal space.

It is a compact, simple and decent computer desk with a lot of functions integrated with its small size. For instance, it has a shelf for keyboard, side space for mini speakers, sufficient space for a monitor, space for CPU and printer, and a rack for placing disks. All of the necessary pieces of equipment are in your close range.

You need a mix of compact design, trendy outlook and stylish design. This desk is the perfect taste for you. It has multiple storage places with even a storage area underneath the tower shelf. It can support heavy weights even with a compact design. It can be a perfect suit for smaller rooms with a lot of stuff because it can hold a lot of your stuff.

Tables with legs are slowly being replaced by the wall-mounted tables because of their extra strength and stability because of their support style. You can place anything under the table while it has multiple racks and storage for your other stuff as well along with a space for your monitor and laptop. Its colour options make it suitable for any environment and multiply the appeal of the environment.


This article saves you from the tiresome search for the best suitable desk for you and your room. It simplifies it by giving you a brief description of the best cheap desks in the market. You can choose the best one that suits you and get on with your work along with a perfect piece of furniture to boost up the look of your room.

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