We may know that Benjamin Franklin was the one who discovered the electric current, but it would not be wrong to say that he might be the person who brought the biggest revolution to this mankind. From that moment onwards, mankind has leapt far into the realities of this world. We are now in an era where everything around us is basically running on electric currents.

Our greatest achievement was to control the flow of electricity and utilize it according to our needs.

One of the most complicated designs to control and use electricity for daily usage is a computer. Computers, at their core, are built on highly complex electrical circuits. In order to understand this complex machine, we have to look at it from the basics.

To bring forth creative ideas from the general public, the electronic industry has stepped into the production of computer kits. Here is a review of some of the best kits we have filtered out so far.


Can you believe there are
‘Build Your Own DIY Computer Kits’ for Kids?

Children play a crucial role in the development of society. They are the minds that are still in the process of growing. They are the future of any community, therefore, to create human beings who are creative and innovative, the electronics industry has focused on producing products that are informative and fun to use too. Three best “Build your own computer kits” for kids are listed below.

Among kids, it is hard for girls to engage in electronic computer kits. Boolean has focused on engaging girls through there computer kits. They also provide summer camps and clubs to change the trend that this technological stuff is only for boys. This, in turn, has marketed their product more among girls. This kit, unlike the others, comes up with;

The only minor con is that it does not include a screen but it has compensated it by giving an option of plugging into the TV via HDMI.

Just like the other two, it also uses the tactic of using eye-catching animations and interesting storylines to engage girls. There are many fun projects at the Boolean website and kids can learn how to code different kinds of animations and video games. Also, they can program lights, switches and more, using Scratch and eventually they can proceed to use real programming languages like Java and Python.

Overall this is an excellent tool for any kid to help them develop an interest in computing kits.

We are well aware of how kids can motivate us for something that was never in our minds. Something like that happened with the co-Founder of Kano Computer Kit. His little cousin, Micah, wanted to build his own computer despite only being 7 years old. This motivated the said co-founder to build a computer kit that was interactive and educational. He wanted to update the toys used by children by introducing a computer kit that seemed less like a technically complex machine and more like “LEGO”.

Soon enough, Alex and Saul Klein started to work on building a kit with an initial investment of 100,000 dollars. Their product took the market by storm and they made 1.5 million dollars through this product along with the Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, and Kickstarted’s co-Founder, Yancey Strickler, backing them up.

Now almost every school, college or educational institute use their product in order to enhance the creativity of their students in the field of electronics. Kids have their own interactive manual designed to attract the kids and show the product as a fun-to-use tool. It has colourful parts and there is no need to solder the wires, therefore making it extremely safe and handy for the kids. It may look childish, but it was designed to look like that. For students who have prior knowledge of these kits, there are other brands for them. This was only to engage the beginners.

Just assemble your Kit and plug it to a monitor, which is included in the kit through an HDMI. For the coding part, they have designed a book that teaches them fun games like Snake, Pong and also hacking and adding mods on Minecraft.

It does not limit the children to games only, but also makes use of Python and JavaScript to open up the minds of children and make these skills truly useful for them.

They are also an option of motion sensor add on and a Pixel Kit adds on, to program LEDs in order to increase the interest of your kid.

Piper computer kit has made a product that can become a positive addiction for the kids. It starts with kids putting together a fascinating hand-crafted wooden computer case. On opening the kit, you are greeted with a letter “Top Secret”. This boosts up the confidence of kids significantly as if they are some cool scientists. They can assemble the “control station” from the guidance of a blueprint. On bootup, we are introduced to Pip and Piperbot, two animated characters who are being contacted by mission control. Through this fascinating storyline, they help you in assembling the kit.

Just like Minecraft, the programming part of the kit lets you modify and configure many sensors and other electrical components. Just like Kano. it also makes use of real programming languages such as Python and Java. It has its own youtube channel to help the kids in guiding and applying more features to this kit.

It has a pro over Kano that, it is already equipped with LCD while in Kano, you only get it with the Complete Kit option.

2019 edition includes 11 hands-on coding projects and a “Bot-Builder” game mode. It also comes with a mouse but you will have to connect your own keyboard.

Build Your Own Computer Kits for Teens and Adults

These animations and storylines will appear quite lame to teens and adults and this feature of the above-mentioned kits will have a negative impact on the users of this age. It does not also qualify for the core engineering products but they can help build interest for non-engineering students. We have filtered three of the best computer kits which are shown below.

These really are the best ones on the market

The Eleggo Mega 2560 project introduced Arduino in the computer kit production industry. This is the most prominent difference between Elegoo Mega 2560 project and the SunFounder Super Starter Learning kit.

The difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi is that Raspberry Pi is a general-purpose minicomputer and is able to run multiple programs at a time while Arduino is merely a microcontroller.

Elegoo Mega 2560 project is a simple computer that is efficient in running simple programs such as door opening and simple robotic function. It includes all the components that are in the SunFounder Super Starter Learning kit along with photo-resistor and temperature and humidity modules.

It also has PDF tutorials with more than 35 lessons to get you on the path. The additional feature is that it supports C/C++ based coding language along with Python and Java.

Sun Founder company has released a Raspberry Pi based computer kit. In a very good value, this kit comes with a different colour of LEDs, switches, buttons, buzzer, DC motor, fan, and a small LCD screen.

An additional Documentation and a 123 page provide the necessary programming elements. There are 17 projects, briefly explained in the book provided by the company that helps you in getting started. Through these projects, you can learn to control LEDs, buzzers, switches, and integrate these components with DC motor and LCD.

They go from simple to complex, with advanced concepts. Along with Raspberry Pi, you can experiment and make very useful products by being as creative as possible.

Computer Kit for both Adults and Kids

We are aware of the new world electronic market trend that tends to focus on the new generation getting to know more about technology. Many industries have developed easy and interactive ways to carry out this task by stepping into the production of computer kits. They all struggle in developing a kit that is interactive and informative but Elecrow has mastered this art. Elecrow engineers have done a remarkable job in developing CrowPi and has devoted this device to open source hardware industry. This innovation has helped millions of innovators to produce custom PCB and PCBA.

This impressive computer kit attracted many backers, amounting to 435. It was at first funded by STEM enthusiasts on Kickstarters and reached its global recognition through its backers because of its extremely beneficial usability.

Talking about its usability, it is compatible with Pi 2/3/3B+/4B and can be embedded with regular materials for doing RPI projects.

It is equipped with a camera that can boost up the interest of the beginners because of all the marvellous things you can do when you integrate the camera with Raspberry Pi. This neatly compact device is equipped with a large number of sensors that help you do RPI projects instantly without getting into the mess of wiring of sensors. It has its own inbuilt sensors, buttons and output devices that are all internally wired. In short, it has 19 different sensors along with display LEDs, seven segments and LED Matrix.

Following are the interesting projects that help build the interest of beginners:

Weather Sensing

It is equipped with sensors, which when integrated with Raspberry Pi, can detect weather. This real-life project helps a lot in developing the interest of its targeted users.

Light Detection

Along with its 19 sensors, the one that intrigues its user and makes this kit interactive is its light sensor. Its LED breadboard circuit makes it easy for users to use this sensor that lights up the LEDs whenever it detects less light.

Adaptability and extension

If you think you are not provided with enough sensors or you feel like adding more options to your own kit, CrowPi will never restrict your options. That is why it comes with a breadboard that helps you in building quick options for you in developing a new connection and prototyping any component. You can either connect sensors with general input-output ports connected to the breadboards or any other output device.

Other than all these useful projects, you can do a lot more with this simple computer kit. It is compatible with any age group. From kids to teens to adults, everyone can learn and experience on it. For kids, you can practice primary coding skills by making your own scratch games. You can control a number of hardware components attached to it, by mere Scratch Programming skills. It not only supports simple Programming but you can also switch to high-end python language and learn its tricks and usability. You can also create PC control systems and build simple electronic projects. All these features make it the best among all the computer kits we showed above, for any age group.


This article highlights the importance of electronics knowledge for today’s generation plus how the industries have made learning the complexity of computers extremely easy for any age group. Now, you can choose the best computer kit and experiment with it all you want. Be as innovative as you can be and change the world with your revolutionary ideas in the near future!


Frequently Asked Questions

What age group are the computer kits for kids?

Kids between the ages 6 - 14.

Is it much cheaper to build your own computer?

Yes it is cheaper to build your own PC as you do not have to pay for labor costs.

What do you need to build your own computer?

Can you build a PC with no experience?

What is the most expensive part of a computer?

Can a kid build a PC?

Should I wear gloves when building a PC?

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