Top 6 Sunglasses Brands You Can Buy in Ireland


  When you consider purchasing a particular product, you want to ensure you are getting the best value for your money, especially when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Sunglasses are an excellent accessory for any outfit and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

From the trendsetter to functionality, these popular brands of sunglasses are sure to impress. There are various brands available for you to choose from in Ireland. Check out the top six sunglasses brands you can buy in Ireland.



Rayban is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses available. They evoke style, class, are fun, and are of exceedingly high quality. Some of Ray-ban’s most popular types of sunglasses are their aviator and Wayfarer line. Ray-bans are popular throughout nearly every corner of the world, as their fashionable look and functionality set them apart from the rest.

One of the most popular features of Rayban is that they are both stylish and functional. They both look great and protect your eyes from the sunlight. One of the most recognizable features of Raybans is their striking lenses. They are offered in various lens types, such as mirror, classic, and polarized. 

Because Rayban produces such quality eyewear, they come at a price; however, you will receive a quality product and have a great pair of sunglasses that last.

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Christian Dior Sunglasses

Christian Dior sunglasses are some of the best quality eyewear on the market. With their stylish frames and sleek lenses, you are sure to find a pair to suit you. The brand offers various types and styles to choose from. However, they are a bit pricier than other brands on the market.

One of the most popular types of Christian Dior sunglasses is the So Real line. These are unisex glasses with several frames to choose from, including mirrored, semi-mirrored, and double mirrored. Frames are given similar attention to detail and variety, such as eyebrows and metal. 

These sunglasses are some of the most exquisite on the market. They are constructed only with the finest materials and are built to last. The design of these glasses is unmatched, as their curved aviator lenses stand apart from the rest. Although pricey, you will not be disappointed if you choose to add these to your arsenal. 


Carrera Sunglasses

Carrera sunglasses are known for their thick aviators that lack wireframes and are instead covered in high-quality hard plastic. These hard plastic frames reduce the chance of the frames bending or becoming damaged, which is common with standard wire aviators. As Carrera is one of the few brands that have brought these types of plastic frame aviators to the luxury sunglass market, these are quite unique.

By developing this revolutionary product, Carrera has set themselves apart from the rest and have found their niche in the luxury sunglass space. This brand of glasses comes in various sizes, colors, and frames that are constructed with only the highest quality materials available. 

Although high-quality, these tough Carrera aviators are significantly less expensive than their competitors; however, they still offer a quality product. If you want quality aviators that are cost-effective and built to last, Carrera is worth a look.

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Balmain Sunglasses

Balmain sunglasses are some of the best quality on the market. They evoke class and elegance and have a prominent following of high-profile individuals. These glasses originated in France in 1945 by designer Pierre Balmain. These sunglasses are marketed mainly towards women, including Balmain’s original stylings of quality made frames and lenses with a military-inspired look.

Modern Balmain glasses have been updated to current standards but retain their classic flair. Balmain offers various eyewear, including the popular cat-eye, classic round, and exaggerated, angular frames with multiple ornamentations.

They have recently collaborated with Specsavers to offer a more cost-effective eyewear piece to further their reach and expand their customer base. The idea behind this is to introduce almost anyone to the unique and trendsetting brand. If you want a fashionable look with functionality, Balmain sunglasses are one of the best.



Oakley sunglasses are recognizable by the logo on the side of the frame. They are one of the most popular sunglasses on the market and are a great value for money. Oakley sunglasses sure are a statement piece; however, they are functional as well. Furthermore, although they are a bit pricey, they are well worth it. 

Oakley eyewear has a stark reputation for durability and prides itself on its rigorous testing of each new product. The high-quality lenses are both fashionable and functional, as they block 100% of UV rays. 

Oakley sunglasses are offered with a variety of lenses and frame styles. Some of the most popular lenses they offer are polarized, iridium, and even polarized and iridium in a single lens. If you want eyewear that is both functional and stylish, Oakley is worth considering.


Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci sunglasses are highly sought after by celebrities and are some of the best trendsetters available. The brand offers a wide variety of colors and configurations to suit nearly anyone’s taste.

The brand’s history can be traced back to the 1950s and became wildly popular with Pucci’s unique taste and style. Pucci’s designs drastically changed how eyewear and fashion looked and felt in general, and he began receiving recognition for his bold new designs.

Many of Pucci’s eyewear is based on Mediterranean landscapes, often inspired by the coast of Italy. Pucci introduced designs and colors such as bright yellow and mixtures of many exotic colors. The brand’s eyewear is recognizable for its grand color scheme and simple build quality.

With their lavish frame designs and distinctive flair, Pucci sunglasses are an excellent option for the fashion trendsetter.


Bottom Line

All these sunglasses are unique and functional and are worth looking at if you are in the market for a pair. They are available throughout Ireland in a variety of retail stores and directly through the manufacturer themselves.

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