How to Prepare for the Coronavirus (Update Aug 2022)


As the Coronavirus continues its spread throughout major countries in the world, people are beginning to think, are we actually ready for this pandemic? If you leave in the United States, surely wearing mask and gloves are like a fashion normal, but are they Coronavirus ready.

The CDC said, Americans should embrace themselves for significant disruption in their daily life, and with cases identified daily, seems likely that our daily lives are starting to feel the impact of the virus. So is this another doomsday preparation tactics that should be held seriously or do we carry on with our lives, and hope that by following all the rules laid out, it might somehow pass over us.


What is the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The reported death toll by the Coronavirus across the world is 3,190, with almost 100,000 infected in more than 80 countries, and China has the highest number of deaths and infected individuals. Although China claims that some people with the diseases have fully recovered, authorities are yet to find concrete evidence of such occurrence.


If you are prepping for the virus, at least know something about it.

The Coronavirus is part of a large family of viruses that attack the respiratory tracts of humans and animals like those that cause the common cold and more severe medical conditions like the SARS –Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. However, the Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a new never before the seen strain of the virus with severe influence on the human body.

These viruses are zoonotic, that is it can be transmitted from animals with the virus to a human that comes in contact with the animal. The SARS Coronavirus can be transmitted from civet cats to a human while MERS can be gotten from camels. However, there are cases of animals with the virus that are yet to infect their human owners.

Signs & Symptoms of the COVID-19 Virus

Some of the common signs of the virus attack are

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing and flu-like symptoms
  • Fever
  • Shortness or difficulty breathing
  • Pneumonia
  • SARS and failure or bodily organs and death

The Coronavirus is a contagious disease; that is people who have the disease must have most definitely contacted it by being around someone who already has the virus. In developed countries, people with the signs or symptoms who have travelled to high-risk countries are required to report to the health authorities if they suffer from any of these symptoms or think they have been in contact with anyone with the virus.


Some Dos and Don’ts as you Prepare for the Covid-19

Don’t Panic

Most people don’t have a single idea about the Coronavirus, all their information has come from friends and family or out of China. This half-baked news is creating panic, and people to put themselves at risk instead of preventing it.


Don’t Touch Your Face

The viruses get into our system through pores, and when inhaled, please avoid scratching your eyes, picking your nose, or rubbing your hands over your face for no apparent reason.


Don’t Wear a Mask

Now, this sounds controversial, but unless you have the disease you don’t need to adorn a mask. However, if you have the flu, cough, or consistently sneezing, wear one, the reason is that most masks can serve as a carrier instead of a preventive measure. Some masks are pretty thin with not potent layering to prevent the virus or other airborne microbes from coming in contact with your face.

N95 3M 8511 particulate respirators

If you decide to wear the mask, the N95 3M 8511 particulate respirators are one of the best, most affordable, medically approved masks on the market now. They have a 95 per cent filtration efficacy and will prevent even aerosol particles from reaching your mouth and nose.

This lightweight mask comes with an adjustable headband, enables easy breathing, and comfortable for long use.

Stock Up on Home Supplies

And by home supplies, we mean everything from food, medical, child care items, drinks, and items that will keep you and your family safe from the Coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control advises families and homeowners to stock up at least 30 days worth of general supplies in their home to reduce the risk of constantly goes to the stores with a large crowd. Staples and basic housecleaning items should be top of the list to ensure the home is cleaned at all times. Although there is no case reported of the virus in children, we advise buying wipes, hand wash, and effective cleaning items for wiping down highly touched surfaces around the home. If your kid comes down with the flu, coughing, and sneezing or complains of heavy breathing, please take them to the nearest medical facility immediately for a checkup.

When stocking up on medical and over the counter pill, buying effective and recommended antiviral medication as the regular antibiotics work for bacteria and the Coronavirus – yes you guessed right, is a virus.


Always Wash Your Hands

This is the first rule of keeping the virus away from you, washing your hands. Children should be though to do this at regular intervals, including before and after eating, using the restroom, play outside in the yard or indoors.

Dial complete Moisturizing and antibacterial foaming hand wash

Dial complete Moisturizing and antibacterial foaming hand wash is a pack of five antibacterial soaps that is proven to kill 99.9 percent of all known microbes found in a household setting. The formulation is potent but gentle on the skin, great for kids, and the best way to keep your hands clean from pathogens around the home.

Remember – Health officials recommend washing your hands for at least 20 seconds to ensure all germs are washed away. We also advise clipping long nails and covering all wounds with a band-aid to prevent contamination.

Do Get the Flu Shot

If you have not gotten the flu shot, now is a better time to do so. The Coronavirus has the same symptoms with a regular flu infection, but to be safe, ensure your family, especially kids have taken their flu shot to eliminate any mistaken diagnosis.

Officials always warm of cleaning high touched surfaces like your phones, keys, and countertops around the home. For good anti-bacterial wipes, try:

Green Works All Natural, Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes

Currently unavailable until March 20th, this biodegradable wipes is safe on children’s skin, gentle with a pleasant scent, and will wipe all highly touched surface clean from bacteria and other household pathogens without leaving any residue or stain after use. It is a great and safe way to ensure kitchen counters, sinks, phones, and computer surfaces are all clean around the home.

Safety is needed beyond your home, if you have kids, you worry about who they touch and play at the school. Despite the keen interest that parents are taking to keep their kids safe, one way to ensure their safety is through the use of hand sanitizers.

To keep your kids safe from pathogens, including the Coronavirus use hand sanitizers, wipes, and soaps.

Wet One’s Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are the best. They come in portable packs of 20, with an easy to open and close tab, which kids can easily manoeuvre on their own. The wipes are soft, alcohol-free with vitamin E to moisturize their hands while eliminating 99.99 per cent of all common germs in as quickly as 15 seconds.

School authorities should also ensure that kids wash their hands at regular intervals and do it properly. However, with the spread of the Coronavirus spreading, parents should also brace up for instances when schools shut down as a result of the virus.

In preparation of schools shutting down, parents should look into online schooling for their kids to ensure they don’t muss out mush before their school returns to the normal.


CBD oil and the Coronavirus

Recent research has seen a positive correlation between CBD oil and an increase in the quality of your immune system. These initial results are not concrete but studies suggest no harm in taking CBD oil if you are worried about having a low immune system. Irish CBD oil Products have seen a huge spike in sales since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic because of their amazing benefits e.g treating anxiety, depression, diabetes, joint inflammation and pain and many other disorders. If you are buying CBD oil make sure to check for third-party lab results and also check CBD oil reviews.


Discuss the Virus with Your Family and Initiate a Plan

Pandemics are scary, but readjusting to a situation you have less understanding of is even scarier and hence the need to prepare your family members. The best way is to devise a communication plan and a do-and-don’t list (which we have here) to help you continue to live your lives as healthy and safe as possible. Some steps to take are

  • Open a line of communication that will allow your kids and others to reach you in case something happens
  • Ensure the elderly and seniors are comfortable and take their medication
  • Seniors with respiratory tract infection or related diseases should enjoy more care and protection to avoid escalating their condition
  • Device a plan to care for the sick in your home
  • Place hand sanitizers, soaps, and wipes at strategic points around the house
  • Use antibacterial bath wash and ensure everyone is on board with the process


Consider Travel Plans and Location

From Wuhan china to the rest of Asia, the Coronavirus has reached all the continents of the world. If you have a planned vacation to a high-risk area, reconsider. Yes, you will lose money as most travel agencies won’t necessarily refund you the down payment, but it is for your own good.

If you are coming into the country from a high-risk area, or feel sick on the plane or at home, take a couple of days to rest at home, monitor your health before interacting with people. If you feel don’t feel okay, call your doctor for an appointment, and see them immediately.

If you work with the health organization or is a volunteer worker for the Coronavirus team, ensure you suit up properly with the right suit, goggles, and gloves for safety purposes.

ABACO Epidemic Kit

This emergency protection kit will keep you safe from the Coronavirus and other pathogenic infections in the case of a pandemic. The kit comes complete with a full overall bodysuit, goggle, gloves, face mask, hood, and booties attached for total protection. It is reliable, lightweight and can be easily worn over your regular clothes in case of an emergency.

Stay Away from Sick People

If you notice anyone outside your home coughing, sneezing, or showing any signs related to the virus, please stay away and teach your kids to do the same thing.

For parents that work, hugging, pecks and handshakes should be replaced with a nod of acknowledgement or a simple hello.

When you arrive home, do not allow your kids to hug you without first taking off your clothes if you have been in contact with people in the subway or in other areas.


Don’t Make any Hasty Financial Decisions

The news, the paper, and the internet are filled with the adverse effect of the Coronavirus on the economy. Relax, the stock market has seen worse times and keeping your eyes glued to the TV and the NYSE won’t change anything. However, you should have cash at hand and in your home in case of an emergency, but unnecessary financial decisions or asset acquisition might hurt you in the long run.


Be Kind to Each Other

Reports have shown a significant rise in anti-Asian aggression, discrimination, and violence since the news of the Coronavirus broke forth. They are as scared as you are and are victims of the whole situation. So please be kind and gentle while you wait for a cure to be announced by Health officials around the world.


Again Wash Your Hands

We had to emphasize this point again. Many people find it hard to perform this simple task that could save you and millions from spreading the virus. It does matter if the soap is available at your location or not. If you have access to clean water, take your time, and scrub those hands clean. Also, take your hands off your face; instead have cleaning wipes in your bag, purse, wallet, or pocket for cleaning your face.

Finally, there will be challenges with the spread of the virus, but panic, speculation, fear, and discrimination will not stop or solve the problem. The infectiousness of the Coronavirus depends on how much contact we have with one another and how well we quarantine those with the disease. However, the following are tips on how to prepare for the virus will help us safeguard our homes, kids, and loved ones from the infection.

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