Top 5 Best Champion Portable Generator (Update Aug 2022)


Over time, Champion portable generators have continued to soar in popularity. The popularity of this brand of generator is mainly due to how affordable and dependable it is.

To a lot of people, the different types of generators produced by this brand are perfect choices for several different applications. Although relatively new in the game, the company has gone on to create a niche for itself in the portable generator manufacturing industry.

Often accused by industry players as imitators of successful technology and innovations, the brand brings its A-game to the production of generators. Their ability to offer the same performance as most prominent brands at reduced prices stands them out.

Why Buy a Champion Portable Generator?

In case you are still wondering why you should buy a Champion portable generator, then here’s an answer for you. Despite being so young in the industry, Champion portable generators have grown to become one of the most sort-after generator brands. 

The level of reliability that they offer in comparison to their cost is the reason why a lot of people want it.

You will find that it offers an incredibly low cost of acquisition, maintenance, and ownership. If you are looking for a reliable generator that would not distort your savings plan, then Champion is the way to go. The generators from this brand are tested and trusted to offer a performance level that will impress anybody.

Top 5 Champion Portable Generators Review

We understand that the availability of several different models of Champions portable generators can make choosing quite tricky. Hence, we’ve carefully reviewed five if the top-rated champion generators in 2019.

Our review includes the outstanding features of each, their pros and possible cons all to help lighten the burden of choice for you. Before going on, however, here is our editor’s pick.

Generator NameBest Feature
Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorIt features an economy mode that conserves fuel without necessarily reducing power output
Champions 4000-Watt RV Ready DH SeriesFeatures an advanced inverter technology that helps reduce weight and noise
Champion 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable GeneratorIt has a cold start feature that allows for an easy start during adverse weather conditions
Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator Features a convenient push-button start technology
Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Features a convenient push-button start technology

#1 Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start


This is a dual fuel generator from the performance-conscious company. With a running wattage of as much as 7500 watts, you can expect so much power from this generator.

We consider it a gem in the portable generator category because it offers more than you ordinarily would expect. The generator does not only feature high capacity. It also does well in several other aspects.

Body & Design

Compared to other portable generators, this model generates so much amount of power. The generator is approximately 28 inches in height and 29 inches in width.

It is weighed at 218 Ibs too. Despite the level of its weight, moving it would not be a problem, considering the availability of a set of reinforced tires and a foldable handle.

One feature that stands this generator out is its use of Cold Start Technology. This is a technology that helps the generator to adapt to harsh weather conditions.


This unit is designed to be powered by a four-stroke engine of 439 c.c. It comes with a push-button electric start technology, which makes starting easier.

In addition to the push button, however, the manufacturers added a pull-start feature to hell for emergencies.

On its capacity, we can easily refer to the 100165 as a giant in the game. The generator offers a running wattage of up to 7500 watts and starting wattage of 9375 watts when being run on gas.

When being run on propane, it offers a starting wattage of 8400 and running wattage that gets up to 6750 watts.

At this level of capacity, you will be able to power all your essentials, including a few additional items like sound system, TV, etc.

Champion Performance

The user experience that the Champion 100165 offers is nothing short of amazing. You will be delighted by the level of attention that the generator pays to user-comfort starting from its electric start.

Its output level means that owners can comfortably run items like refrigerators, water pumps, etc. alongside TV, multiple lights, computers, etc.

The generator comes with several safety features too to aid safe usage. The generator also features a low-oil shutoff that causes the generator to shut down without causing any damage when the fuel level goes down.


  • • It features an economy mode that conserves fuel without necessarily reducing power output
  • • Cold start technology helps to make usage easier
  • • Massive wattage
  • User experience


  • • Some quality control issues.
  • • A bit too noisy..

Overall, this is an excellent option, especially for its look, reasonable run-time, and convenience.

#2 Champions 4000-Watt RV Ready DH Series Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology


This another impressive generator option from Champions. With an incredible output level of 3500 running watts and 4000 starting watts, you can expect a lot from this generator.

The generator’s output is enough to power a good number of large home appliances.

Body & Design

The Champions 4000-Watt RV is designed to feature an open-frame design that allows it to work conveniently with a bigger engine.

The only noticeable downside of this design is that it is a little noisier than some others in its category. 

Like most others, this model features a quick pull start cord that is pretty flexible and easy to handle.

To get things started, you will notice a switch labelled with “engine on” on the user-friendly control panel. You will also find an eco switch that enables the generator to run on economic mode, where its fuel consumption rate will drop drastically.

Although it doesn’t come with wheels and handle, you can buy those kits separately and attach it to the generator.

At 81.6 Ibs, this model is relatively lightweight and can be carried easily around the house.

The biggest sell for this model is its ability to offer so much at a moderate cost. It is one of the few generators from the brand that does a lot to reduce noise pollution.


  • • Features an advanced inverter technology that helps reduce weight and noise
  • • It has an economy mode that helps to conserve fuel without reducing the power output
  • • It offers enough power to power most basic home accessories
  • User experience


  • • A few customers complain of quality control issues.

#3 Champion 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator


The Champion 3500 Watt generator is one that offers a lot with ease.

From the look of the generator, you can tell that it is built to satisfy users. Everything about the generator, from look to performance, speaks of the quality that the brand is already famous for.

Body and Design

Despite its relatively low price, this model still features a sturdy frame that will impress any use.

You can expect it to take any workload and still stay active for a long time. At 97 pounds, it is not too difficult to move from one place to another. To make movement easier, however, you can buy a set of wheels and handles separately.


The Champion 3500 Watt has a running wattage of 3,500 watts, and a starting wattage of 4000. A 4-stroke engine of 196 c.c powers the model.

One thing that stands this generator out is its Cold Start feature that makes it easier to start the generator, irrespective of weather conditions. The starting process of the generator is pretty straightforward and easy to implement.

At an output level of 3,500 watts, you can expect the generator to power all the essential electric equipment in your house, including air conditioners.


For the level of performance that this generator brings to the table, it is reasonably quiet. Its noise level is measured at 68 decibels, which is quite low compared to most others in its category.


  • •It has a cold start feature that allows for an easy start during adverse weather conditions
  • • Relatively decent noise levels
  • • Offers great run-time
  • User experience


  • • It doesn’t come equipped with wheels.

#4 Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start


This is another quality offering from Champion that we consider worthy of this list. This is one of the generators out there that offers far more performance than you will expect from its look.

Fresh out of the box, you will find a portable generator that is not too fancy, although quite robustly built.

On its size, the generator measures about 31 inches in height, and about 30 inches in width. It also weighs about 122 Ibs, making it a not-so-light option. The weight is, however, not too bad for the capacity that the generator comes with.

Thankfully, the generator comes with a reinforced wheel kit, hence, moving around would not be so difficult. It also has an impressive folding handle to ease movement further.

The Champion 3800 Watt is fitted with a 224 cc OHV engine that allows for smooth operation. The generator can be run on gas and propane, with each option featuring a different wattage specification.

The capacity of this generator is good enough to power all essential home items, including sump pumps, refrigerators, etc. The unit can also be used to power a few work tools at work sites, depending on their required wattage.

The only downside about this generator is that it features a run-time that is comparatively lower than most other models from the brand.


  • • Features a convenient push-button start technology
  • • Easy to move around
  • • It comes with several safety features to help reduce the risk of damages
  • User experience


  • • A bit loud compared to other models in its category.

#5 Champion 3400-Watt Inverter


The Champion 3400-Watt Inverter generator is one of the few generators that are quite difficult to place in a single category.

First, it functions as an inverter that is perfect for several different uses.

Secondly, the generator can run on either gas or propane. The generator may have its highs and lows, but it has been adopted as a favourite to many people.

From the body of the generator, you can already guess the level of performance that it carries. It carries a good design that is pleasing to the eye, yet good enough to stand the test of time. It weighs 94.7 Ibs, but you don’t need to worry about weight considering that it comes with wheels and handles to aid smooth movement.

The generator operates at a sound level that is quite enough to ensure relative peace in your house.

The Champion 3400-Watt Inverter features aa 192 c.c. OHV commercial V-Twin engine. As expected, the generator offers different wattages for different fuels. If you want a generator that will be great for household use, then this is one that you should strongly consider.


  • • Features a convenient push-button start technology
  • • Easy to move around
  • • It comes with several safety features to help reduce the risk of damages
  • User experience


  • •A bit loud compared to other models in its category.

There you have it, a detailed review of five of the best picks of Champion portable generators. This review would help you make the right choice as regards which will fit your particular needs.

We’ve also highlighted our overall best above with its distinctive features. You can use this review as a guide as you set out to buy your Champion portable generator.

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