Who We Are?

Our Mission

My name is Brian Cusack, I am the owner of Securehim, a page where I post honest, personal reviews of tech products and gadgets that I have been using over the last few years.

Over the years, I have come to realize that people are pressured into buying gadgets they eventually regretted buying because they saw a bunch of online reviews about that particular product that seemed just right.

However, what you do not know is that most product sellers create accounts to write fake reviews for their own products, posting them online, and since you are not able to differentiate between a fake or a real account, you are stuck with these manufactured lies in the name of reviews, making you buy these products and regretting it later.

My internet journey began when I set up my own brand of CBD oil called Dr. Hemp Me. Working with CBD London has been a hugely rewarding journey. CBD is truly helping millions of people all over the world with medical conditions that cannot be treated by conventional measures. If there is one bit of advice I can give you about CBD oil always check for CBD oil reviews!

Extraordinary Experiences

I have bought so many gadgets online over the years and I have had several experiences that were not all pleasant because I followed a review I saw online and got the gadget. My disappointment in finding out most of these reviews were lies and that the product I purchased was not worth the money I spent on it was what spurred me into the creation of Securehim.

Online stores have not yet figured out a way to handle this fake review problem, as many buyers are beginning to lose interest in buying gadgets online because of these issues. And while the stores are trying to figure this out, more people are falling into this trap.

Everything a gadget should be known by the buyer before making a purchase, and not just the specifics, but the pros and the cons of that gadget. The pros and the cons can only be gotten from the reviews given about that particular product, and if that product has way more cons than good, then you would naturally be swayed into purchasing that product.

Our Core Values

Where the problem lies is if the cons which are more than the pros are filled with fabricated stories, shielding you from knowing the truth about the product you are about to purchase.

You deserve to get a gadget that is good for you without having to feel bad for spending your money on it in the future and that is what Securehim is about.